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No Sweat Substitutions: 3 Simple Ways To Replace Processed Staples With Real Food

Posted Feb 04 2013 10:08pm

Sometimes I think about the processed foods I grew up eating without a care in the world. Things like Pop Tarts, Toaster Stroodles, Honey Buns, Tastykakes, Fishy Crackers, cereal, and bread of course.

Don’t get me wrong, my mom made beautiful meals complete with fruit, vegetables, chicken or fish, sweet potatoes and homemade desserts. She made delicious veggie soups and chili from scratch, homemade jam from the best strawberries in the County and plenty of food from the Farmer’s Market. Fresh meals were the norm and we almost always ate dinner as a family.

Yet, along with the rest of America our kitchen cupboards gradually acquired more and more processed food as the industry evolved. At the time it didn’t phase me, but today I find the sheer volume of processed goods in grocery stores alarming.

I find myself wondering how many people are aware of how many ingredients they consume on a daily basis. Ever wonder what 300 plus different ingredients, chemicals and concoctions will end up doing to your body day after day?

The more ingredients we consume, the more work it requires our bodies to process, metabolize, excrete and detoxify – especially when it’s junk! Over time our systems become backed up and burdened while health problems ensue.

In today’s video, I’ll show you how to reduce your total ingredients consumed by over 55 items in just three staple foods. You’ll see how simple it is to use do-it-yourself options, to incorporate whole pseudograins into meals, and to get familiar with food labels while making wise choices.

Watch this video to learn three simple things you can begin doing right now:

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Remember, these habits add up in a BIG way over time. Incorporating these three simple suggestions will contribute to increased energy levels and a clearer mind and body.

Join me in my next video to learn how to kick butt in the kitchen, at work and in life. Until then, let me know what small changes you will begin to implement today to increase the real food factor in your meals. Share your plans with us in the comments below…

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