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No-So-Small Smalls Will Make Me Not So Small

Posted Feb 24 2010 12:00am

We are the proud owners of new (safer, eco-safe) pans!  Nothing else today has gone according to plan though, mostly in a good way :)

I ended up only taking a few sips of my Naked juice because the husband picked me up much earlier than expected.  It was good because I got to blow that joint, but I had hoped to be forced to do a few more hours of studying.  When I offered Adam a sip of my juice he randomly fell in love with it and I let him have it.

After our Target trip we randomly decided to go on a date <3  We had to stop at Wegmans to pick something up so we hit up the salad bar.

Chan Marsala with Naan (YUM!),

roasted veggies and a little bit of tofu.

So good.  Whenever we do the salad bar the husband and I always share a diet soda, awwwwww!

Can you guess what we did next?

Bowling!  I am so terrible at it but I enjoy it so much.  My first game was beyond embarrassing.

But I started to get the hang of it.

And by the 3rd game I beat the husband!

He had a pretty serious thumb injury at that point but I’ll take what I can get :)   While we were bowling I munched on this entire “small” (4serving!) bag of buffalo wing pretzels.

I need to basically never pick up a bag that has more servings than I plan on eating at that moment.  In general I only eat things that aren’t healthy when I choose to, but I have no control with those “small” bags.  I did the same thing with a bag of trail mix yesterday :(

I planned on eating dessert this evening, Maple Pecan Blondies (another recipe), but a mid-way run down the block for flour meant they aren’t done yet.  I’ll probably nibble one before bed and I’ll give you a review in the morning.

What foods do you lose control with?  What have you done to combat the problem?

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