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No Shame

Posted Dec 10 2012 11:56am

Saturday I went to Seattle with my mom.


We rode on this.


We sat up top, there was no heating, and middle aged women were talking louder than a howler monkey. The bus took us to Seattle to shop, so shop we did. Naturally the highlight of my shopping experience was the food. The Veggie Grill just opened up their second Washington location, which happened to be right where we were shopping. YES!

If you live in Southern California, Northern California, Oregon, or Washington I suggest you eat here. It’s an all vegan restaurant, but don’t let that scare you. It’s delicious. Don’t believe me? Well I have some pictures that speak for themselves.

20121209-211647 20121209-211654

"This is dripping ALL OVER MY HAND!"

“This is dripping ALL OVER MY HAND!” I also look like a small forest rodent.

"I hope the table next to me isn't watching."

“I hope the table next to me isn’t watching.”

"This burger is a mess."

“This burger is a mess.”

"ANNND back for more."

“ANNND back for more.”


"Is it too soon to want seconds?"

“Is it too soon to want seconds?”

I would like to thank my mom for capturing my true beauty in these photos. I clearly have no shame, and will do whatever it takes to convince my readers of a good foodie find. This place was good. Oh and in case anyone wants to know what I was eating, it was this.

The VG Cheeseburger

The VG Cheeseburger, El Dorado Style

The bus ride home was filled with those same middle aged women, drunk, and dancing on the lower level of the bus. They are lucky I was sober or I would have pulled out my dance moves and their jaws would have hit the floor. I look identical to this guy when I bust a move. My hero is JT too.

To Cliff Note this post I’ll say: I hung out with my mom for an entire day, I rode a double decker English bus, I froze, I ate a delicious vegan burger, and I experienced drunk older women. I slept well that night.

Q: Have you ever ridden on/in a funky vehicle?


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