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No Recourse from the Justice System

Posted Aug 24 2008 4:40pm

According to actress Pauley Perrette , being famous doesn't get better results in Family Court, than the rest of us do. Even after her divorce, Ms. Perrette was stalked by her ex-husband and she learned that she's not alone. Her ex's first wife tells an eerily similar tale. Worse, when these women compared notes, they realized their experiences were uncanny parallel, with years of endless mental distress before, during and after the divorce.

Both women observe that Mr. Shivers cleverly manipulated the court system. Ms. Perrette says "he uses Family Court as his arena to harass women." And, she astutely points out that there’s no link between Family Court and Criminal Court, so he can commit perjury, without fear of recourse. He puts false statements into the court record knowing there's no penalty.

I concur. The worst and most effective abusers of the system are narcissists. From what I've learned about this mental disorder , knowing that you are dealing with a narcissist helps to put into perspective much of the irrational and angry behavior that is otherwise inexplicable. And, in Ms. Perrette's case, it offers an explanation about the ability of her ex to lie with conviction. The freedom of a narcissist to work the system points to a major flaw in Family Court. Those who can lie, do, and do so without fear or possibility of punishment. Only innocent c hildren , and well meaning spouses suffer under the current due process of divorce. These process is confirmed by a self-described narcissist, Dr. Sam Vaknan , who acknowledges that:

The abuser perverts the system - therapists, marriage counselors, mediators, court-appointed guardians, police officers, and judges. He uses them to pathologize the victim and to separate her from her sources of emotional sustenance - notably, from her children. The abuser seeks custody to pain his ex and punish her.

Wouldn't it be nice is the Justice System could see through this abberant behavior and look out for the true victims of divorce?!

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