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No Pain While You Exercise to Build Muscle

Posted Dec 22 2008 1:31am
by Caleb Lee

How can someone exercise to build muscle, but do it without feeling the aches and pains after?

In this article, I have gone through a couple methods that can be added to your workout. They will shorten your workout time, give you a well rounded workout, and also help you build muscle stronger.

These concepts are fairly basic; however, they will help prevent those annoying pains so you can still live your life out of the gym, too.

You really need to keep your workouts short. The first hour of your workout is the best to build muscle as you have fresh energy and oxygen in your blood. This means, try to get your workouts done within the first hour. Your workouts don’t have to be long to be significant. After an hour, your body will start to develop lactic acid, which can be harmful to your muscle building and is known to produce the pain and soreness you feel later on.

To exercise to build muscle, lift lots of weight, about 80 to 85% of the max weight you can handle in one rep. Keep it short and to the point, with 3-5 reps and 3-5 sets. Every week, add weight to keep gaining muscle. To help build up muscle, lengthen your rest time, before moving onto other exercises. If you are a women and want to build strength, but not the Hulky muscles, keep your rest time shorter, but use the same amount of reps and sets I mentioned before. Using lots of weight with fewer reps and sets is more beneficial than many reps and sets with low weight, because you are providing more resistance, which will work your muscles harder, building muscle faster.

Another way to cut your workout time is to substitute exercises for compound exercises. These are the best for gaining muscle and losing weight. Working many muscles at once, they provide flexibility and stability into your workout. Compound exercises also have real life significance. Your muscles will develop qualities that will help you complete tasks using your strength in daily activities.

To shorten up your time even more, use compound exercises. However, if you don’t go to the gym because you are scared you’re not ready, begin your workout at home. Pushups, pull ups, chin ups, and mountain climbers are examples of a few exercises, which you don’t need much equipment for, and you can still use these to exercise to build muscle.

To prevent pain and aching, reduce your rep and set count, while increasing your weight.

A shorter time while you exercise to build muscle will still be beneficial, as long as you are lifting a good amount of weight and performing exercises that work many muscles at once.

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