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No More Packing!

Posted Sep 11 2009 4:54pm
Hey guys,

I just got back from getting my nasal packing removed at the hospital, and my nose feels much better! There was a little bit of an incident in removing the packing, but I'm gonna put it in between "***** *******" so you can skip it if you're queasy about blood. I'm going to brush over it really quick, though:

******SKIP if blood makes you sick*****************
So they had like, 2 feet of crumpled up nasal packing in my left nostril. When the doc took out the packing, there was little drip of blood and my mom was like "uh oh!" and then a ton of blood started gushing out of my nostril! It was pretty dramatic, haha. Sooo, that was why it felt like there was so much pressure in my nose!
*************Ok, you can read again**********

Food pics now ;)

Haha, this was from last night. I doped up on pain meds, if that offers any sort of explanation... I was craving carbs to settle my tummy, and there were these wheat thin sun dried tomato basil crackers that tasted like pizza. So I got the bright idea to melt some mozzarella cheese on bread and stick a few of those crackers on, so it'd be like pizza.

Haha, it tasted good, I swear.

Frozen Grapes

I had a pumpkin +greek yogurt parfait feauturing some of the Great Harvest cinnamon swirl bread my dad brought home. It was yummy, but I like the muffin tops more.

I had a can of Amy's no-chicken noodle soup, and a mini TJ's bagel with cream cheese.

I got my maple pb that I won from Erin today.

It was really tasty! Very sweet and maple syrupy--which makes sense, cause maple syrup is the first ingredient, with peanuts second. I really like it--it's great as a dessert spread. Thanks, Erin!

I featured it on some leftover chocolate tofu mousse pudding, with reddiwhip and chocolate chips.

Prim and Proper

All mixed up

I also had some grapes and blueberries, which my mom helped me out with.

Unfortunately I think I pushed it too far with the grapes. I'm feeling kinda nauseous now. I think I'll go lay down. My mom and I got this special hair sink washer thing, cause I'm not allowed to wash my hair in the shower--can't get the splint wet. So we're gonna test that out today.

Hope your day is going well!
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