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No Labor for Labor Day

Posted Sep 04 2012 9:28am

Hello friends!  :)

Is everyone excited for the short work week? I am! However, usually the short weeks feel like the longest to me for some reason! Let’s hope that’s not the case with this one!  My weekend was pretty jam-packed with fun things…as any holiday weekend should be!


Saturday morning, I woke up bright and early because I had a date with my bestie, Christa, who is also my maid of honor.  We had plans to make a trip to a local craft store where I had ordered cardstock for the wedding programs that I’m making.  Last time I was there, they only had 28 pieces and I needed 40, so they ordered the remainder for me and they were ready for pick-up.  I wish I could say that we just went in, picked up the paper, and left.  That was definitely not the case.  Once I walk into that store, I’m there for hours.  We managed to only be there for about two hours, which was such a feat!  We just go crazy when we’re there!

(sneak peek at my programs)

After we pulled ourselves away from the craft store, Christa and I headed to her parent’s to spend the afternoon by the pool.  It wasn’t the most sunny day, but we made the most of it.  Her brother and his family came in for the weekend, so even though the sun wasn’t out, we had a great time!  Christa and I are going on 20 years of friendship, so her family is pretty much my own.



Late in the afternoon, the rains came so we had to move the party inside.  We all hung out around the kitchen island in our suits, dancing, laughing, and gorging ourselves on BBQ ribs and chicken.  Absolute perfect day!


Sunday was very low-key and was spent with Lee.  He worked the night shift all weekend, so we tried to get some time in together before he had to go to sleep.  First on the agenda…picking up Lee’s glasses.  He recently got an eye exam and found out that he needed glasses.  He can see fine without them (unlike me, who is blind as a bat!!) but they sharpen his vision so he can do things like see license plate numbers from afar when he’s in the process of pulling someone over!


I think he looks super handsome!  With his glasses on, he almost crosses over into the realm of being a nerd like me!  We grabbed lunch and did some errands and then it was back home so he could get some zzzzz’s before leaving for the night.


Lee got home from work a little after 7am on Monday morning and, while he slept, I met my parents to go for a bike ride.  We rode about six or seven miles and then my parents headed home so my mom could get things ready for our picnic.  It was great to get a quick workout in with them before eating a million things at their house!

Our spread included the basic picnic essentials…hot dogs, hamburgers, brats, macaroni salad, potato salad, hobo beans (best things ever), and fresh fruit.  Oh.  And wine.  We can’t forget the wine.


After dinner, we watched Jeopardy (um, does that make us all nerds?) and then played a game of Yahtzee.  We play Yahtzee a lot at my parent’s.  I’m not sure when we got hooked, but it’s always our game of choice.  We were going to have a fire in their firepit, but it looked like rain the entire evening, so we opted to stay inside.  I’m glad we did because I was the overall Yahtzee winner!

The weekend was packed full, but it was all fun so there were no complaints here!

Alright, everyone….let’s tackle this work week and move onto the next fun weekend!  I hope you all have a great day!

What did you do this weekend?
What is your favorite picnic food?

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