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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Posted Sep 27 2011 7:38pm

We all know someone who feels bad about her weight and her body. She engages in self-deprecating humor and makes unkind comments about her body. I know her. She’s my age. She’s overweight, eats an unhealthy diet and doesn’t engage in any physical activity. I am worried about her health. Since she has aches and pain and gets winded while walking up a flight of stairs, she’ll often say “I’m old.” My response is “You’re not old.” She’s not. She’s out of shape.

I say this to her to remind her that it’s not too late to change her lifestyle. I say this to remind her that I’m here to help her through her struggle. I say this so that she won’t give up.

Well, yesterday her reply caught me off guard.

“You’re just saying that because if I’m old that means you’re getting old too.”

Really? Seriously?

My response was, “I am not old.” I turned back to do what I was doing and that was the end of that.

Our exchange got me to thinking and I came to the conclusion that I am aging but I am not old. We no longer have to settle into middle-age content with a growing mid-section, sensible haircuts and shoes and poly-blend separates. We have hair color, we have sexy reading glasses and we have Spanx. We have so much available to us to maintain a youthful body. We also have the wisdom to accept that some physical changes are beyond our control and our bodies will change.

Aging doesn’t have to mean becoming old. I’m finding that I’m more insightful, more patient and my butt’s still lifted. My 40s are great. :)

Everyday is Fabulous

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