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No Excuses!

Posted Mar 26 2013 7:18am
This is to celebrate running outside and not freezing my patootie off! Ha!
It was 36 on Sunday morning and it was the perfect day for a long run.Ok, it was 4 miles. Not so long run, but it was technically my 'long run' day.I am kind of stinking right now in the training department.My focus has definitely been elsewhere.I have been working out every day, but sometimes life things have to be rearranged.There is no doubt that running and working out are a stress reliever for me, but they sometimes have to make room for other things.As I mentioned before, there is quite a bit going on over here at the MBG household.I have a teenager in lacrosse, parent night for in-coming freshman, job interviews, spring cleaning/moving prep. And unfortunately, my sweet little 5 year old guinea pig died this weekend. That just kind of capped off what was a long and pretty overwhelming week. I guess that may seem a bit silly, but those little guys are pretty easy to get attached to. For anyone that has had to make the choice to have a pet put to sleep, it is never an easy choice, even if it is the right one.So, yeah, definitely a lot going on.I am still working out the details of cleaning up my diet.Not sure how familiar you are with 'Clean Eating'.But the basics for my purposes are this:1.) Little to no processed foods2.) No added sugars3.) If I can't pronounce it, I probably shouldn't be eating it4.) Aim for a short list of ingredients To be honest with you, there are a lot more principles of clean eating, but these are the basics that I stick to.Everyone is different and so I won't go in to a whole lot of details. I am definitely not a nutritionist, but I am doing my homework and doing what is best for my body and all its high maintenance needs.You will probably be hearing a lot more nutrition stuff from me, but I will try not to bore you too much with it!I am going off the 'knowledge is power' way of doing things. The internet can be very overwhelming, but it is also a great starting point for research and information.You have to check and double check the sources, and try to stick with the scientific based stuff. A lot of people have agendas and opinions. Instagram has become some place that I 'hang out' a lot and oh man, there are some people out there that think they are 'eating clean' and doing right by their bodies.Folks, there is no detox, tea, shake drinking plan, or voodoo magic that will do what eating properly (for your body) will do. Again, do your research and as with all things, if it sounds too good to be true...It probably is!I figure I have this one body and I want to treat it right!  Ok, so this picture caused a little controversy the other day...This is the body I have.I am doing what I can to fuel it properly and I am doing my best to maintain it.Trust me, I do the same for my Jeep! Ha!Look, I will be 45 this year.I have a thyroid condition.I have had a hysterectomy.I gave birth (naturally) to a 9#4oz baby.I am a disabled veteran of the US Navy.I never (actually) ran a mile in my life until April of last year.I have severe bilateral carpal tunnel.
I have a history of eating disorders.Why the list? Why the blast of TMI?Because I am trying to tell you...There are NO excuses!Zero. Zilch. Nada. None.
I have heard a lot of people use many of the same things on my 'list' as reasons why they can't workout or get in shape. I am not an exception. I am not a rule either, but all things are possible.I received some heat for that picture. But I also received a lot of encouragement and people asking what I do to be so fit. I sweat and I eat clean.I spent a whole lot of years doing a whole lot of damage to my body.I thank God that the damage was not permanent. I am grateful for the ability to do all the things I am able to do.I also look forward to finding out how far I can take this body and how far this body can take me. That's what it's all about. It is finally getting daylight out and I am going to welcome it with a run!
Go out and do something for your beautiful body!
You get this one body...
What are you going to do with it?
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