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Nike Women’s Half Marathon

Posted Oct 15 2012 11:22pm

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On Sunday I ran my 9th half marathon .

The Nike Women’s Marathon has been on my bucket list for a few years, and when I got the opportunity about 6 weeks ago to run through Fitfluential , I knew I couldn’t pass it up.

photo 1

I ran a half and also I met my second husband – we had a moment.

It had all the makings of a horrible race. I was undertrained . I was under slept and had been feeling a cold coming on all week.  I arrived in San Francisco at 5pm on Saturday evening after spending almost 7 hours in the car.

The course wasn’t easy and was full of hills. I was nervous and felt sluggish starting around mile 2. I put in my Yurbuds , turned up the Macklemore and took it one mile and one hill at a time. At mile 8 my hip flexor, which had been tight all week, started giving me a lot of trouble – I was in some pretty decent pain and before long I was feeling it down my IT band. There were long stretches of downhill where I was actually limping while running and wondering if I would have to walk to the end.

But I finished. I ran the whole way and finished in 1:55 – beating my secret goal of 2 hours and only 2 minutes slower than my PR.

photo 5

photo 4

And despite running in pain and not being sure I would finish, I had a blast. The weather was perfect – foggy and misty and cool. The course was great – too many hills for my undertrained legs, but a great way to see parts of San Francisco I’ve never seen, and ending on the beach by some beautiful cliffs.  It was well organized, full of cheer stations and support. I was inspired by every woman (and a few men) I saw out on the course. I’m still riding high.

Every race teaches me something new. My 9th half marathon makes me feel as proud and accomplished as my first. DC taught me what hard training and the right mentality can accomplish. My triathlon taught me to be present, try new things and have fun. Seawheeze taught me how to race for someone else (and was legitimately the most fun and most beautiful course I’ve run). The NWM showed me what I’m capable of – even with little training, I can pull out a sub 2 half.

I was reminded today why I run, and why despite my love for spinning and yoga and Crossfit, I always come back to running. Running showed me how to push my own limits, and it reminds me every time I lace up my shoes to never stop testing them.

photo 2

I’m so thankful to Fitfluential and Yurbuds for the opportunity to run. They comp’ed my entry and sent me a pair of Yurbuds, which I’ve been a fan of for awhile now (and just been using a pair of Nate’s), but the Inspire for Women are smaller and more comfortable. The sound is super clear and loud, and they aren’t kidding about the fact that they literally do not move!

photo (27)

*This guy just might be the best person that exists. He woke up early to drive me to the race start, drove 14 hours in two days with me, cheered for me, took pictures of me and my second husband, put up with my pre-race anxiety, bought my post-race coffee and took me to see the Full House House! I love love love you Nate. Thank you.

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