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Nicole Cunningham, Puraforce Remedies

Posted Mar 28 2013 9:21am
Puraforce Remedies brings homeopathy into your home in the easiest way possible. I have long been a fan of homeopathic remedies – they are 100% natural, have no side effects, are easy to take, work quickly, and if chosen correctly, can have very dramatic effects in a very short time. 

Nicole Cunningham, Puraforce Remedies

Founded by experienced Homeopath Nicole Cuningham, Puraforce Remedies allows families to treat everyday complaints in their own home, naturally. I credit the “Sleep Drops” with finally helping my son to sleep through the night at age 3 1/2, when nothing else had worked! And the combination of the “Stress Drops” and “Digestive Aid” before and during a birthday party for my 7yo, totally eliminated the hyperactivity and meltdowns that would usually ensue. After reading Nicole’s interview, I also need to get myself some “New Mother’s Tonic”, pronto!

I think the best thing about Puraforce Remedies is the ease of use. The conventional way to use homeopathy for acute conditions, is to choose a single remedy which fits most of your symptoms. This entails looking through a list of possible remedies for, say, a cough, and trying decide which description best fits your particular cough at that point in time. Is it loose? Dry? Barking? Tickling? With a headache? Worse from cold? Worse in the morning? This can all be very difficult to ascertain, especially in the middle of the night when your child awakes in tears!

In contrast, Nicole’s remedies are really easy to choose – “cough drops” for a cough, no matter what type of cough it is. “Sleep drops” to help you sleep, regardless of what time of the night you are waking. “Stress drops” for stress, whether it’s from anticipation or exhaustion. You can combine a couple of different remedies if needed, and then you simply use the dropper to squirt the drops on your tongue. They are tasteless and children love them – my boys ask for them all the time! Each bottle has the dosage and frequency written on it, so you don’t have to remember anything. If you are unsure about which remedy you need, Nicole is very happy to answer your questions and give her recommendations by email or phone.

Read on to meet Nicole…

I’m Nicole Cunningham. I live in Mount Gambier, South Australia with my daughters Alyce 2 and Anika 4. I live on 10 acres and enjoy living close to my parents. We are yet to break ground on our own veggie patch as Puraforce Remedies has taken over all of our time, but we enjoy supporting our local farmer’s market and buy most of our supplies from our local organic shop.

I have been a Homoeopath for 10 years with a clinic in Melbourne where I had a waiting list of 6 weeks and this didn’t change for 3 years. I became overwhelmed that I couldn’t help everyone and there were so many families needing Homoeopathic Medicine that when I moved to Mount Gambier, I began to sell my tried and true formulas online to assist families with everyday ailments.

Puraforce Remedies was never meant to replace true Homoeopathic care with a practitioner, it was created to empower parents to use homoeopathy, see that it works and then replace the overused pharmaceuticals in their home with homoeopathy. Then if these remedies did not do enough, they would then establish a relationship with a Homoeopath in their area.

I discovered early on in our business that there were so many rural communities that did not have a Health Food Shop and that did not have a Homoeopath and so our business began to grow, because we are now providing Homoeopathy to families that could not get it before.

Puraforce Remedies provides Homoeopathic Remedies that are used for everyday complaints. We have an extensive product range that includes Baby, Women and the Whole Family as well as Skin Care and Therapeutic Creams and Ointments. We give parents the remedies and support to treat fevers, coughs, colds/flu, gastro, sinus, pain, colic and many other issues in their own home, NATURALLY. We notice how mothers place an order for one remedy in our range and then within a few weeks they are trying other products as they have had such great results.

I have witnessed for years in my clinic, the overuse of pharmaceutical medicines and how it can damage the health of children. Puraforce Remedies offers natural alternatives that work and so it is a great compliment to families who already lead a healthy, active lifestyle with a healthy diet, as many of these families do not want to pump these drugs into their children but just didn’t know that a natural alternative like this existed.

Homoeopathy is one of the most affordable and eco friendly medicines on the planet! Last year it was labelled the new GREEN MEDICINE. There is nothing new about Homoeopathy, with a clinical and extensive history of 200 years, however its popularity is growing as people are realising how affordable it is compared to the mainstream medical system. Homoeopathic Remedies are produced using very small amounts of natural resources and creates almost exclusively biodegradable waste. We encourage our patients and customers to recycle their bottles and droppers and recycle all of our packaging. We are very strict on our production guidelines and all materials that are recyclable are recycled.

My children, 2 and 4 years old, have never been to a doctor. This is not through philosophical rebellion but rather through having no need. I have used Homoeopathy with my children since birth and have successfully treated fever, colds, coughs, earaches and gastro with no hiccups and we are proud to offer this to our customers – Remedies that really work, time and time again.

Health is a complex balance of many things – movement, hydration, nutrition and happiness. Without these in your family’s life you will not achieve a good state of health. However, if you then also pump chemicals and toxic compounds into their bodies through their food, self-care products and of course drugs, it all has consequences. Every action has a consequence and so I am passionate about providing good choices to families with their health that then in turn have great consequences with no side effects, no addictive qualities and no interactions with other medications.

Nature is brilliant and is the perfect healing system on the planet. Homoeopathy uses this system to heal, is straight from nature, and really is the medicine of the past, the now and the future.

Homoeopaths all over the world use different methodology and application of Homoeopathy, however the philosophy and intent behind what is given is the same – to get the patient well. I use the methodology that I have found to be most successful in my practice and that is: deep acting remedies for chronic illness (this requires a consultation and extensive analysis) and combination low potency medicines for acute illness. I find that by combining low potency Homoeopathic Remedies, I get the best results in every day ailments and so this is what I offer. Different approaches and combinations work best for different Homoeopaths. I use what I have found to be ‘failsafe’ and work for the majority of the community. This is a great way to introduce people to Homoeopathy who otherwise would not commit the time and expense to seeing a practitioner and of course is great for all of our families in rural Australia and overseas who do not have access to Homoeopathy at all.

I went to India to participate in post graduate study in a Homoeopathic Hospital. After my time of study I stayed for a further 6 weeks where I volunteered my time as a Homoeopath. For 6 weeks I sat under trees, in abandoned buildings and treated between 90 and 110 patients per day, treating their acute and chronic ailments with Homoeopathic Medicine. During this time I also sat with the local people and helped put together a project proposal which later became Rebalance the Globe , a project about permanent and sustainable healthcare to 52 villages in Mayapur, West Bengal.

The villagers of West Bengal did not need a white woman in a sari, they needed a sustainable healthcare solution, as their nearest hospital was 3 day’s walk and there was no access to healthcare locally. India loves Homoeopathy and embraces it as an equal system of medicine to western medicine. The impoverished communities of Mayapur did not ask for a hospital and western doctors or vaccination, they were asking for Homoeopathy.

Nicole Cunningham, Puraforce RemediesSince 2007 we have been providing Homoeopathic healthcare to 30 000 people every month through our mobile healthcare vehicle. I designed this vehicle and we had it manufactured in India. We employ 22 staff in our project and work hard to create change for families in this region who suffer from poverty, illness, arsenicosis and environmental instability with flooding and monsoons.

We hope to expand our project in the near future to meet the growing need of this area as we are unable to keep up with demand and our project has been such a success. We fund our project through the tithings from my clinic and through the donations of 5% of every sale from Puraforce Remedies.

Puraforce Remedies was set up as a sideline to my practice as I could not keep up with demand.

I make my remedies with as little alcoholic content as possible. Like all Homoeopaths I was taught in my training to add a large quantity of alcohol to all of my remedies. Over the years, I have played around with this and have realised that only a little is necessary. We only place 0.5ml of Alcohol in ALL of our Puraforce Remedies and do not add colourings, preservatives or flavourings to our remedies, unlike other Homoeopathic Remedies that can be purchased elsewhere. We use organic, four times distilled alcohol as our preservative. It is free from chemical impurities and additives, as over the years I have found this to the best and most advantageous to people who are sensitive to alcohol as well as children with ADHD, allergies and Autism.

The biggest challenge we have encountered with our business – both Puraforce Remedies and my private practice, is the misinformation about Homoeopathy. Unfortunately, people do not understand Homoeopathy and the media is unkind to us. This is tragic as there are thousands of people who are missing out on this powerful medicine. We are trying to educate the public and empower people with the correct information, package our remedies in a way that they can be taken with confidence and the results from the remedies speak for themselves. We hope that one family at a time we can change the public understanding and respect for Homeoeopathy as children get better and their health improves.

My favourite product in our range is our Organic Skin Care Range that is SLS, paraben and petrochemical free. This was a big step for me personally, as I have used many ‘natural’ products and still experienced skin sensitivity as I have very sensitive skin.

Also, New Mother’s Tonic – this remedy is not just for new mother’s but for ALL mothers, even mothers of teenagers – it lifts mood, energy and supports women who are busy, have large demands placed on them and who just want to keep up with busy family life. I receive emails every day from mothers around the world who praise this remedy and have great results with depression, exhaustion and no libido – it’s a great remedy!

Conscious choice to me means – being informed, choosing to be informed and then acting accordingly, making all of my consumer dollars count. I really believe that we can change the world by placing our influence with our money. I do not support pharmaceutical cancer research, GMO foods etc and instead support the local farmers and shops in my area. I believe in education and so am trying to be a part of the educational change of Homoeopathy, which will hopefully promote people to consciously choose Homoeopathic Medicine for their family as a healthy and informed choice.

To live passionately, do and live what you love and you will never feel like you will have worked a day in your life and happiness and inspiration will always come!

I love to do yoga and am pursuing running with passion at the moment which is great a keeping me balanced both mentally and physically.

Dr Phil – “The best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour”. LOVE IT!

Thanks so much for sharing with us, Nicole.


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Have you used homeopathy for yourself or your family? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below.

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