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Newport International group news blog, Verwelkom naar de jungle

Posted May 23 2013 3:33am

Newport International group news blog, Welcome to the jungle

While the New Wave of British Heavy Metal the club scene in the UK and Europe took a lot of bands present and around Los Angeles - fired by a love for KISS, minibus Halen and attractive groups like the New York Dolls and Sweet - were about to shake. Sunset Strip as a 7.0 earthquake With ostentatious, androgynous images and rushed, saturated solo songs, the "hair metal" bands forced visual and musical assumptions. In the early groups like Mötley Crüe and Ratt were almost as heavy as Judas Priest and Dio, Ronnie James Dio formed the band after leaving Black Sabbath. But when the scene popularity and won a major label that carry flurry started, many musicians adapted their songs for mainstream radio, which holds some of their gravity but more emphasis to melody and heart-on-sleeve sensitivity draws - and sexuality.


With the spread of MTV New Wave closed with a latch on to that visually attractive metal videos ceasefire - which for many was syrupy power ballads. Before you could say, "Can I see an ID?" Row, Cinderella, Dokken, Authorization, Poison not Dead, Shoot N 'Roses, Mötley Crüe and countless others stormed their way into millions of suburban families around the world. Their videos were almost always young women in defiance, multiple costume changes and musicians in heavy makeup that looks almost as feminine as they chased the girls. And the chase did not end when the bands stopped. Even before the dawn of the eighties, a handful of unheard L.EEN. ties including minibus Halen and Quiet Riot neglected planted the seeds of the genre.


By middene-'80s, L.EEN. was by wide-gebeschouwen, big-haired hopeful pouring all countries populated - indeed, of all the world - lured by the promise of success . and accompanying fringe benefits Hollywood was just a short shuttle of major venues like the Forum, Long Beach Arena and Universal Amphitheater and it was home of the infamous clubs like the Whiskey, Starwood, and Roxy Troubadour Theatre. Major record companies stipten the city and record shops belijnden Sunset Boulevard and LaBrea Avenue. A lucky few future rock stars lived in the L.EEN.area, where, in the late seventies, they got a bird 's-oogoverzicht and a jump start on a scene that would overtake their city. in a few short years



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