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Newport Beach Chiropractor: Poor Posture & Poor Health

Posted Aug 02 2010 12:16pm

Most of us spend countless hours each day sitting behind our desks, in front of the computers, or driving to and from work. As a result – gradually and over time – our posture slowly starts conforming to these circumstances.

We begin to find ourselves slouched with our heads in a forward position, and it isn’t until we hear our friends, family, co-workers comment about our posture that we actually start paying attention to it. Some even start experiencing aches and pains here and there, a pinch or shooting pain, and even headaches or tingling in our extremities before we take notice.

A poor posture is a sign of a weak core and often poor health. Your posture is like a double sided mirror, and a window to your health. Your spine has two functions: to hold your body structure upright and to support and protect the nervous system. In other words, your spine holds your nervous system which in turn controls your entire body.

Now imagine your posture being a representative of how your spine and nerves are being stretched. Poor posture will cause an interference with the nervous system and degenerate your health. Some of the symptoms specific to poor postural habits in the neck and upper back area are neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, migraines, allergies, tingling and numbness in your hands, lack of energy or fatigue, insomnia, poor immune system and low metabolism.

Improving your posture is going to take some work especially with the habits of today’s modern living, but in the long run will increase your chances of living a healthier and longer life. If the health of your nervous system is not your priority, you must be warned research has shown that erect posture has also been linked success in the business world and taking off a few years off your real age. So if success or looking younger is your priority, you must improve your posture.

Exercises that are specific to your poor postural habits and your structure can help improve your posture, but unfortunately for some of us, years of poor posture has done too much damage to be fixed purely with exercise.

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