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Newburyport Half Marathon & Cape Cod Marathon Training

Posted Sep 28 2011 4:04pm

I realized that although I’ve been posting about ridiculously cute puppies and lobsters I want to eat I have yet to chat about my half and full marathon training! Silly me, I shall remedy this at once!



As I mentioned earlier, I’ve signed up for the Cape Cod Marathon that will take place on Sunday October 30th in Falmouth. I will also be running the Newburyport Half Marathon exactly one week earlier in my beautiful new town. Clearly, the amount of time I have given myself to formally train for these races is not ideal, so please do not do as I do with my actual training. I built a great fitness base from a summer of running ~6 miles ~5 times per week with a bunch of longer runs thrown in.



I have no intention of setting strict time goals for these races because of my abbreviated training. My goal is pretty simple:

Enjoy running the first annual Newburyport Half with my buddy Emmy through the streets of my beautiful town and finish with an injury free smile on my face. That way I can safely run and enjoy the Cape Cod marathon which is my first since the 2003 San Francisco Chronicle. Has it really been 8 years? Good god that makes me feel old!

With my recent pacing a new marathon PR is possible, however, that would just be a nice bonus. Open-mouthed smile



Today I had a great 12 mile run in large part due to my new handheld water bottle. With the help of my twitter buddies, I chose the Nathan Thermal 22 oz. Elite Handheld Water Bottle. I find it to be the perfect size to carry a good amount of water without being too cumbersome.

Nathan Thermal Elite 22 oz handheld water bottle for running

I’ve found that the bottle carries enough fluid for about 5 miles at a time. The thermal sleeve also has a great little pocket for keys, money, and a couple Clif Shots or a slender cell phone.

Nathan Thermal Elite 22 oz water bottle

I started today’s 12 mile run with a full bottle of water + electrolyte powder and then refilled the bottle with water at 6.5 miles and chugged a little extra. That amount of hydration plus Clif Shots at miles 4 and 8.5 worked perfectly.

Now if only I could convince Nathan Co. to sponsor my race in return for my glowing endorsement! Winking smile



During my switch from a horrendously overused pair of running shoes to some new kicks these two babies have been life savers.

Body Glide and Dr

I tried the Band Aid brand on Blister Guards many times in the past and found that they made hot spots and blisters worse during removal because they adhere to skin so strongly.



I’m not about to put Mo through the same abbreviated training that I’m doing so he’s joining me on most of my runs shorter than 6 miles. I had hoped to have enough energy to swing by and leash him up for the last four or five miles of my long run today but just couldn’t imagine keeping up with his galloping with somewhat tired legs.

Sorry Bub-bub…

Newburyport half marathon training, Cape Cod marathon training, Mosely

Next time I’ll try bringing him along for the first five miles.

Alright, I’m off to get my buddy outside for a walk so that I can see this smile again…

Newburyport half marathon training, Cape Cod marathon training, goofy post run smile

I would love to hear from you…

Do you have any fall races that you’re currently training for?

Do you have any tips regarding hydration, fueling, or gear?

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