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New York Rock n Roll 10K Recap

Posted Oct 14 2012 2:30pm

Yesterday I ran the New York Rock n Roll 10K with my friend Shannon.  Shannon was my roommate during my short first couple of months in NYC.  I didn’t know her before we lived together, but we managed to stay in touch ever since.  Her and I both started running by signing up for a bunch of 5Ks.  About a year later, we decided we wanted to try for a half marathon and together, we signed up for the Brooklyn Half .  The funny thing was that we never even saw each other during the race because I didn’t bring my cell phone and had no way of meeting up with anyone.

I hadn’t run a race since my half marathon and was itching to do something so Shannon agreed to run this 10K with me.  She ended up getting a cold this week and was definitely a trooper since she still showed up and ran the race!! (I probably would have stayed in bed!)  

I was a little nervous before the race.  After my hectic week of little sleep and no running I wasn’t sure exactly how I’d do.  I decided to take it slow and not push myself too much.  The first couple of miles I was having shooting pains run up my left leg.  After a while though, the pain started to go away and I focused on picking up my pace a bit.

It was a very cold morning and I didn’t really pack the right clothes to wear (I stayed at Shannon’s the night before.)  Since it was freezing out that morning so I decided I had to bring a jacket with me.  Running with a jacket was kind of annoying so, I wish I wore something different.  I’ll definitely remember that for next time.  Once we got past the 5K mark though, the run flew by and was over before I knew it.  My official time was: 59:13, not exactly what I was hoping for, but still happy it was under one hour.  

The race made me realize that I’m definitely not used to racing at all.  I completely forgot what it was like and how to pace myself. All I kept thinking was how I pushed myself too hard at the beginning of the half marathon and ended up almost collapsing at the end of it.  I was trying my best not to have a repeat of that moment!

Shannon and her friend Chris

Overall though, the race was a lot of fun.  I enjoyed the run through Prospect Park, I enjoyed the bands and DJ’s set up along the course.  While I would have enjoyed warmer weather, I’m happy with the day and that finished!  It made me look forward to signing up for some more runs!  So, congrats to all the other finishers out there (For this race and all other races that took place this weekend!) Especially congrats to Shannon for running while being sick!!

Shannon and I trying to stay warm after the race!

On the train home after a great run in the city!

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