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New York City’s Ban on Sugary Drinks

Posted Sep 13 2012 9:35pm

New York City’s ban on sugary drinks has happened. This past Thursday, NYC city health board voted (8 to 1) to outlaw sugar drinks larger than 16 oz everywhere in the city. The ban doesn’t cover beverages sold in supermarkets or most convenience stores. Those who are caught violating the ban will be fined $200. The ban (get this) DOESN’T INCLUDE diet soda, alcohol, milk, water, and unsweetened juice.

Those who support the ban believe that this will help make New York a healthier place and that the new health rules will cure the obesity problem we are facing.

Those who are against the ban are calling Mayor Michael Bloomberg an overbearing nanny and saying that the ruling is taking away our personal freedoms.

Health commissionaire Thomas Farley states that “shrinking only one sugary drink per person every two weeks from 20 ounces to 16 ounces, New Yorkers could collectively prevent 2.3 million pounds gained per year. This would slow the obesity epidemic and prevent much needless illness.”

New York City has taken steps in other areas to improve the health of city residents, for example artificial trans fats are banned from restaurant food.

What are your thoughts?
Is it a right move for the city government to determine the size of a sugary beverage an individual can buy?

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