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New Years Gym Blues

Posted Jan 08 2011 2:23pm
Now that the New Years is upon us its time to get back to my regularly scheduled program. Which is total dedication to healthy eating and hitting the gym and working out atleast 6 days a week. But I won't lie, this week has been hard. Firstly it has been a very cold and snowy week. Here are some pictures taken in my front yard. I do agree it looks beautiful but I HATE the cold.

And when its soooo cold I have no desire to go to the gym to workout BUT I have, here is proof
Yes I know bad picture, iphones don't take good indoor pictures. So I did make it to the gym Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, Wednesday I did a great weights workout at home because the running on Monday and Tuesday seemed to do something not good to my knee so I thought it would be best to do no running on Wednesday. But my runs the other days were HARD. Seriously one mile of constant running was hard. But luckily my Friday run did feel better. I can not believe what 2.5 weeks of NO running will do to you, I am shocked. I will never make that mistake again.
Not only is it hard to get to the gym when its so cold, I know when I go to the gym in January its so full. All those people that make their new years resolutions to go to the gym in the new year fill up the gyms at this time of year. Honestly, and not to be mean but, the person that is at the gym almost everyday, all year round, really does get annoyed by all the new comers that come for 1-2 months and while they are there break so many gym rules and etiquette. Where has common courtesy gone? And really if you are going to the gym with your friend to sit on machines and talk the whole time, go to the local coffee shop, leave the gym alone to the diehards that want a good workout. Sorry but the gym is not a place to be social and have fun......its a place to work hard and feel good doing it, that's how I see it. If you treat your workout like you treat your job, you will definately be more productive. Okay let the flaming begin but we all know its true. These newcomers will not be at the gym come March!

I have been having some really good mail days lately. Well I have been ordering alot of items online so I knew the good mail days were coming. I will post some of my great items. I have found I do more online shopping now than the traditional store shopping. Has anyone else been enjoying all the great online shopping? Make sure to post your great finds for all of us to see!
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