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New Year New Goals

Posted Jan 06 2011 12:50am


I was checking out the top 10 new years resolutions and look what I found:

1. Lose Weight and Get in Better Physical Shape (everyday)

2. Stick to a Budget (On the list)

3. Debt Reduction (Debt free, minus our house)

4. Enjoy More Quality Time with Family & Friends (adding to my list)

5. Find My Soul Mate (Done and Done)

6. Quit Smoking (Never started)

7. Find a Better Job ( love my job!)

8. Learn Something New (on the list, playing the guitar)

9. Volunteer and Help Others (great one!)

10. Get Organized (added)

Here are my 7 goals for 2011.

This year I am only setting 5 goals and I am going to strive to complete them all!!!! I think the theme of 2011 for me is SIMPLIFY!

#1. Finish reading through the entire Bible in 2011.
#2. SAVE SAVE SAVE. Keep up the envelope system and work hard and de-cluttering.
#3. Read more. Maybe not a book a month, but much much more!!!
#4. Learn how to play the guitar (again).
#5. Have more fun with the BLOG . Of course I would love to increase blog traffic, but more importantly I want to inspire more people to live happy and healthier lives!!!!
#6. Enjoy More Quality Time with Family & Friends
#7. Get Organized

My favorite goal is #7!!!  Yes, I am a bit of an organize freak, but who couldn’t get MORE organized….Resolve this year to plan your days (I do this) , reduce interruptions, clean off your desk (done), say "No", and make detailed lists (love my lists). The benefits of getting more organized include being able to save time, as you no longer look for the same things over and over again or need to replace things you can’t find at all.

The benefits to getting organize….. 

“reduce stress because when you know where everything is, there’s no last-minute rush to find what you need and get out the door . You will also find yourself being much more productive, as all the time you once spent looking for things can now be used to do more important or more enjoyable tasks. Most people define being organized as quickly and easily able to find what you need. While this is certainly true, organization is so much more. The ability to staying organized lets you focus on accomplishing your most important goals. That’s the true benefit of being organized.”

Question: Are any of these top 10 goals on your resolution list?

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