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New video of immune cells in action. Cool stuff.

Posted Dec 21 2010 11:35am

Click image to view

When we talk about the immune system and immune cells and and immune balance, it’s natural to picture such things in conceptual, abstract, fuzzy renderings. What’s an immune system look like?  How do leukocytes get around?

Some lab research published this month details new visualization technology that shows how a cell (marked with the white sphere) moves and devolves within a cluster of neutrophil cells (in green) in a rat lung. Neutrophils are a class of white blood cells that kill and digest micro-organisms.

Click the image at the right to view the video.

This is the second one of these cools videos I’ve come across. Here’s a video I posted a while back showing immune cells putting a major beat-down on an intruder.

The immune system cellular function is real…and now visible.  The thing is, with immune balance, you don’t want these immune cells doing this kind of job on healthy cells or on benign, non-threatening substances that enter the body. That’s where bad things…health problems…start happening.

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