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New Training Plan

Posted Apr 30 2012 4:25pm

You’ve probably heard the saying before: fail to plan and you plan to fail. It really is true. After my competition lots people asked me how I did it, most were curious about the diet; saying they could never do it. Anyone can do it, all you need is a plan and motivation/desire to achieve a goal.

Discipline is advanced decision making.

I made sure I prepared my meals in advance, never missed a workout, stayed clear of diet disasters if I didn’t feel I could withhold myself, trigger foods were taken out of the house, I made schedules,  tried to make good use of my time- splitting it equally between work/school/training/family, and the big one: I gave 100% right up until the day of my competition.

If you want something just go for it.


After my competition I ate whatever I wanted, I tried to stay on the offseason diet that Jena gave to me but there was so much I had neglected to eat for 4 1/2 month I went a little crazy. Let’s just say I didn’t feel well….AT ALL. I was bloated gained weight right away, couldn’t wake up easily like I used too, and holy sugar hangovers!

My competition was in October which lead me into Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and from New Years until about a week ago I struggled with emotional eating/binging because of stress and the loss of two of the most important people in my life.

I’m happy to say my binge is hopefully in the past and I’m taking the advice I’ve giving myself and others in the past, I know what I’ve got to doing and I’m doing it!!

My PLAN:  Sunday I prep my lunches and snacks for the week and put them in Tupperware/baggies, write out my workouts, and plan my dinners.

My new workout split:





with 15 minutes on HIIT after my workouts and one cardio only day (Sunday) after my “happy meal”

After talking with Jena this past week I decided to do the OCB Cape Cod show in October again and my goal is to come in leaner on my lower body and build up my shoulders more. I don’t want to weight any less than I did last time. I’m starting a full month ahead of last prep so that I can easily loose a pound a week, with keeping in my cheat meals on Saturday and doing minimal cardio. 

I’m really really excited to start training again because I do so well when I have a goal to work towards. Last year I felt like I was doing everything alone and competition dieting got really hard at times but my mind was so focused on all the things going on with my family I just seemed to power through it. This time I have friends who are competing too!!

Jena competed April 21, my friend Steph just competed this past Saturday at Foxwoods and thinks she might do show later in the year, My friend Jenn in training for the OCB Yankee in Newburyport this July, Jena is still dieting for another show in Amherst in June and putting together teams for the Yankee and Cape Cod shows so there will be a few other girls competing with me!

Also when I move at the end of May I’ll most likely be switching to the Methuen Latitude since it will be of equal distance to my current gym but Jenn works out in Methuen so by switching we can help motivate each other and be workout buddies, yayaa Winking smile

My stomach has been way out of whack today most likely due to my cheat meal Saturday night. I have serious IBS with a dairy and gluten intolerance and guess what I had: pizza and ice-cream….for real Brooke get it together! I’ll have to tone down my Saturday night meals until some much needed extra weight comes off, I have about 10-12lbs to loose for Sarah and Eric wedding in June and epic cheat meals are probably not going to help me, I really wish I wasn’t born Italian with a love of food that wants to stick to my butt hips and boobs!!!

Here’s a “Note to Self” when you feel like giving up the next few months:





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