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New to nutrition! Help!

Posted by Dobby

Hello all!

I have just recently become interested in getting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so I decided to use google to help me get started. WOAH! Overload of information! I feel completely overwhelmed! Where do I start? Protein powder? Whey? Weight training? Yikes! Does anyone have any tips to get me on the road to healthy eating and living? Thanks so much!

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The simplest way to improve your diet is to eat mostly whole foods - foods that are unprocessed or unrefined (or processed as little as possible) before you consume them. In other words, you want to minimize your consumption of packaged, processed foods (even seemingly healthy ones) and when you do consume them read the label - the fewer ingredients the better and most importantly, you should be able to identify the ingredients. Focus instead on eating mostly vegetables, fruits, lean protein and whole grains and small amounts of healthy fats.Furthermore, if you cook and prepare your meals as much as possible rather than eating out and you'll eat less sodium, sugar and fat.....and you'll save money in the process!
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