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New Tablet Form of hCG Is Set to Replace hCG Injections

Posted May 18 2010 10:38pm 1 Comment

< h2>What if weight loss was as simple as taking a tiny tablet every day?

It’s not really that simple, but a new tablet form of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin)  just hit the market and I am excited to say that our weight loss center in Oklahoma City – The Broadway Clinic – is the first weight loss center in Oklahoma to use it with patients trying to lose weight .

Although we use many weight loss programs with our patients here in Oklahoma City, the hCG protocol has become more and more well loved because it produces incredibly rapid results with many patients losing 30 pounds in their first month . Now, The Broadway Clinic is the first in Oklahoma to offer a new tablet form of hCG marketed under the brand name Opti-Lean.

We are very excited about this new tablet form of hCG, marketed under the brand name Opti-Lean hCG Tablets. hCG as a pill is simpler to use and very effective. The tablet form is shelf-stable, whereas previous formulations required refrigeration, making it hard for those who are always on the go to stick with the program. The Opti-lean tablets change that.

hCG is a hormone in the body that is naturally occuring . When used together with a very low calorie diet, it produces outstanding weight loss results very quickly . Weight loss of a pound a day is not uncommon.

hCG works by targeting abnormal stores of stout , especially around the stomach , while preserving muscle mass. We have learned that the quick weight loss results are a fantastic motivator to stay with the program.

“It’s the most incredible thing I’ve every come across,” said Windell Main, one of our Oklahoma weight loss patients.  He dropped 120 pounds with our Oklahoma hCG diet program.   

Whether utilizing the new hCG tablets for weight loss , hCG injections or the sublingual hCG drops ) form, it is vital to have proper medical supervision and guidance. Those who are overweight may have other health concerns , high blood pressure or , which should be monitored by a health care professional while on any sort of diet program.          

For a growing percentage of our patients, though, the hCG weight loss protocol has proven most effective. Madonna Kenner dropped 70 pounds. Susie Pendleton lost 53 and Andrea Rusnack lost 75 pounds. We have seen hundreds of others with similar results at The Broadway Clinic in Oklahoma City.

Still, we always aim to find the right weight loss program for each individual, to guide them until they reach their weight loss goal and then to help them keep their goal weight. That’s because losing weight and keeping it off is not a simple fix and it takes continuing awareness and right lifestyle change to maintain your goal weight.  I like to say weight loss is for life! It really is.

For more information on hcg in tablet form , sublingual hCG pills , sublingual hCG drops, hCG injections, The Broadway Clinic and its weight loss programs in Oklahoma, visit or call (405) 528-1936.

Article written by Dr. Arden Blough, Medical Director of The Broadway Clinic’s Weight Loss for Life program in Oklahoma City.

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Hello everyone,

I am really frustrated to hear about so many people going on the HCG Diet because they take the "research" the people that sell this stuff post on their website as facts.

In 2009, the American Society of Bariatric Physicians issued a position statement which stated:"Numerous clinical trials have shown HCG to be ineffectual in producing weight loss"

If someone achieves any permanent weight loss by using it, I would say it is probably a case of their being at a point  when they are emotionally and physically ready to drop the weight, and the HCG is just a mental tool they use to help themselves do it.

However, the extremely low calorie limit is what concerns me the most about the HCG diet. Nearly all medical experts agree that it is not safe to eat only 500 calories a day for an extended length of time. It can cause all sorts of health problems.  Please do not risk your health on their theory about the HCG only causing your body to burn fat and not muscle!

I've noticed LOTS of people that sell HCG products are filling up the diet-related health forums with "success story" posts about how great it is and how much weight they supposedly lost, along with a link to a website where you can order it. I would be very skeptical about dealing with any of those companies.

One place that has unbiased reviews and information about HCG and other diet plans is   

You can also read it about it  at Diet Scam Watch

where they have several links to scientific research on the subject.

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