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New Running Gear

Posted Apr 05 2011 8:05pm

I have good news! Jogging is starting to become easier for me. While I am still several months away from returning to the kind of running shape I was in prior to pregnancy at least the groin pain is gone!

Did you know that the hormone relaxin causes the ligaments that support your joints to become relaxed when your pregnant? This is why my body felt so off during my first jogging attempt . I don’t feel normal yet, but I’m getting there.

I have been easing back into running by taking frequent walk breaks. The second time I went out for a jog, with baby and dog in tow, I jogged for two minutes, then walked for two minutes, for a total of 20 minutes. I really want to ease back into running slowly so I don’t injure anything. For the past five years I’ve had trouble with my IT Band , and I don’t really want it to flare up again!

Speaking of IT Band, I purchased a new pair of running sneakers to hopefully help prevent IT Band pain.

Nike Equalon

The Nike Zoom Equalon!

For the past three years or so I’ve worn the Nike Zoom Vomero. Nike Vomero

They look pretty similar to the Equalons, right?

Both sneakers have a lot of cushion, and a large toe box for those of us with annoying bunions. The Equalons, however, are a stability sneaker and the Vomeros are neutral.

After noticing a wear pattern on my shoes, I realized that I slightly over pronate. A stability shoe is perfect for pronators so I’m hoping that I run pain free with the Equalons.

So far I am loving them! The one teeny tiny con is that they aren’t as light as the Vomeros and I have accidentally kicked myself in the ankle a few times with them. You’ve done that before, right?

My second new piece of running gear is…

wait for it…..


A Garmin!

I actually had nothing to do with this purchase. Chris surprised me with it as a Christmas present for “us.” Guess how many times I’ve used it since Christmas? Once! And guess how many times Chris has used it? Yup, several. Gotta love those for “us” gifts.

In all fairness I do see myself using it a lot more frequently once I get back into running, so Chris was on top of it!

The one time I used the Garmin was during my second jogging trial last week. I was so curious to know what my pace was!

Want to know what it was?

Between 10 and 12 minute miles.

I’ll take it!


It sure is better than no running at all.

Maybe by the fall I’ll be back to my 8:30 pace? Or maybe I won’t even care at all  (says one very competitive woman). We shall see.


So remember how I mentioned that I would try to focus on strengthening my core?

Yeah, well, it is really hard to find the time!

There is laundry to be done, bottles and pumps to be washed, mouths to be fed, floors to be swept and vacuumed, dogs to be walked, and Bethenny Ever After episodes to be watched.

While I haven’t exactly carved out time to work on my core, there is one activity that I take part in daily that I know engages my core!


Hunter loves to be bounced on the exercise ball. And then he spits up.

I purchased the exercise ball when I was pregnant and have yet to use it for anything other than bouncing Hunter. Some day I will though!

Can you believe Hunter is already two months old?!

Hunter 2 monts copy

Me either?! I also can’t believe that he is 12lbs already. He’s growing too fast!


He is one happy boy.

And we are two happy parents.

Family time

So what other new running gear should I get my hands on? I’m out of the loop!

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