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new organic skin care products

Posted Jan 12 2012 10:11am

good morning friends,

finally getting around to discussing skin. our skin issues in particular. we have also put together a short video discussing our new face products and issues with skin at the bottom of post. 

well, if you have been following our blog over the years you would have seen our skin go up and then come down.we have shared our troubles with dealing with acne, how to cure our acne, what works for our bodies to get clear skin, etc.and believe us we have tried everything and nothing really seem to work. to be clear – things worked but did not last!

why do things not last? good question

if you would like to see our past posts here are a few:

as you can see things change. we are still learning.

we think we are in the midst of finally figuring out our issues with acne for good! so we hope

now from all the research and self experience we have seen and dealt with just about any type of pimple out there. and yes we have formed our own thoughts on what works and what does not. and remember each person is different.

why does eating a clean diet not help acne? something we have questioned a lot

since we have so many ideas of how to go about these acne/health/food related topics we have decided to break them up into smaller post that way we can focus on that one topic. a little acne clear skin series if you would like to call it.

to start things off with our way to clear skin series is sharing what NEW face skin care products we are using. and have been using for about 2 months now.  you know we love using natural products on our skin like apple cider vinegar !

The Body Deli is the company that is behind these wonderful products. (thanks to a dear reader Vanessa for bringing this company to our attention)

products for clearning acne we have gotten a few different products off the Body Deli site.

we have loved everything we have bought and tried! we are in love with all these products.

products that help acne

the products that we have mainly used over these past few weeks:

ROSE GERANIUM CLEANSER – gentle and soothing for sensitive skin, reduces inflammation

SEA CUCUMBER GELEE – all natural moisturizer to impart a dewy glow while it cools, soothes and hydrates the skin

Jojoba Oil – love this stuff, we got the Desert Essence brand from health food store

Neem Oil – great for our skin, we just got a brand from the local health food store

and use Aloe Vera Juice – got from local health food store

acne face creams

other products we got from The Body Deli that we also love:

LIGHT FACIAL EMULSION – hydrates the skin while helping to heal and neutralize blemishes, pimples and acne

VITAL-C SERUM – full of Vitamin C to help skin from any damage

GLACIAL MINERAL MUD – great mask that we love, helps control blemishes coming on face

OATMEAL AND HONEY MASQUE – most recent purchase and so far we love it, use it about once a week

 TAHITIAN VANILLA LOTION – seriously the BEST body lotion ever! smells so good and absorbs into skin so nicely

now remember putting stuff topically onto skin is just one step to clear skin. there is so much more you need to do to get that glowing skin.  especially if you are like us and have sensitive skin or acne prone skin.


but do not worry we are here with you every step of the way. showing you how we are getting that beautiful flawless skin together. you are not alone.

now that you have seen the new skin care products that we love for healing our skin (acne) issues we will next share our face care routine plus share some pictures of our face and progress. something that is not easy for us to share. plus we will talk about other great topics that effect the skin like diet, detoxing, toxins, hormones, omegas, etc. in more follow-up posts. we plan to cover as many areas that we have experienced and learned something  from.
we know healthy skin for us and for you is just around the corner!
cheers to healthy beautiful sexy skin.
till next time,


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