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New old chinese style Jewelry box!

Posted Jan 18 2010 12:00am

Have you read TCM series #1? If not, check it out, don’t miss the sequence so you can understand what’s coming next :)

Remember that I went to the Old Temple in Shanghai? I did some shopping there… and this is the wood box that I got! It was hard to choose among hundreds of them… I spent more than an hour there picking up the right one ;)



open the lid and there’s mirror





like it? I DO! :lol: How do you keep your jewelry organized?

That’s my GLOWING section! I feel beautiful just standing in front of it! ;)


Sunday was spent on some work related reading, sleeping (we’re still try to overcome jet lag :( ), watching TV, walking under the rain (so romantic ;) ) and eating of course! :D Star has been in charge of food preparation (washing, cutting and I do the cooking) and cleaning of the house. I feel so spoiled by him… hahaha….. I want a husband like him. Opsss…. well, he’ll be mine in few days :shock: !

sauteed chinese cabbage with chili


Star’s favorite pork and fried tofu made my ME ;)


Star’s meal


Sauteed veggies and mushrooms: carrots, sliced fresh bamboo, 2 kinds of mushrooms and chinese yam


sauteed greens with garlic


steamed egg made by Star. He’s first attempt cooking! It turned out pretty good! ;)


My bi-color porridge


The divided meal table!


I used to feel bad having to eat different things than Star. But I learned to face the fact that we have different tastes and it’s OK to be that way. He loves pork and lamb; I like fish, seafood, beef, tofu and all kinds of veggies. This is because we grown up in different parts of China so our eating style is quite different. Who says that a happy couple has to have same preferences in every aspect of life? Actually I think we have very few (we have different taste in sense of fashion & decor, movie, sport, etc), but we share the most important values of life (family, love, friendship, career, well… life in general) and as you can see, we’re a very happy couple. :D

Q: Do you have same tastes/preferences than your bf or husband?

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