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New LARABAR Flavor Review

Posted Dec 23 2011 1:06pm

Today may as well be Christmas because when I opened my mail, I got the same exact butterflies as I did when I used to open presents addressed by Santa himself. 

More on that later on in the post!


This morning, I resorted back to an old love of mine: Physique 57 ! I purchased the original set of Physique 57 DVDs the very day they came out and ever since, they have remained my go-to DVDs. I can’t really use them at school on account of the fact that my dorm is the size of a walk-in closet, so being able to do so at home is a real treat!

The Complete Physique 57 Workout Kit - Volume 1 With Exercise Ball


I completed the classic, 57-minute workout and, man oh man, did I feel the burn! Despite being used to barre work from teaching at Mind Body Barre , it amazed me how small additional movements can really challenge your muscles. Quality exercise never ceases to blow me away! Overall, it was an A+ workout and the perfect way to start my day.


After my workout, I moseyed on upstairs to make some breakfast. I revisited cereal today and had a bowl of Nature’s Path Flax PLUS Flakes with almond milk and chia seeds, served with a sweet and crispy Fuji apple.

Mmm mmm good!

I plugged away at my second   blog homework task until my Dad and I went off to be sneaky little elves (a.k.a. get my Mom’s Christmas present). On our way back, we stopped to get the mail. Lo and behold, I was greeted with gifts. Merry Eve Before Christmas Eve to me!  Not only did the latest issue of VegNews Magazine arrive in the mail (!!!)…

…but the lovely people at LARABAR  sent me samples of their latest flavor, Cappucino !

When I opened the box, I yelled, “Wow! Merry Christmas to me!” Then, I pulled out the beautiful note, saw what was inside and said, “OH MY GOSH! IT’S A NEW FLAVOR! GUESS WHO RULES?! LARABAR DOES.” Yeah, it happened. And I’m not ashamed.


I decided to incorporate the bar into my lunch because a.) I was hungry and b.) I couldn’t wait another nano-second to try it. I quickly put together some kale wraps to enjoy with the cappucino LARABAR. I stuffed the wraps with hummus, cherry tomatoes and sliced carrots, along with a sprinkle of nutritional yeast and dried garlic.

(Note: I had this times five. You’d have one grumpy Heather if she only consumed two wraplettes.)

LARABAR Review: Cappucino Flavor!

I’m not quite sure how the lovely people at LARABAR got this bar to taste distinctly like a cappuccino. But they did. And it’s magical. They’re lovely, fabulous magicians over there. This baby is insanely delicious and has, without question, become my new, favorite flavor! The bar contains five ingredients: fair trade coffee, dates, almonds, cashews and pure vanilla bean extract. That’s it! Not to mention it tastes like a nutty cup of coffee. A-freaking-men!

I chose to ignore the fact that I had already consumed three (read: THREE) cups of pumpkin spice coffee prior to tasting this bar. At least I had some alkalizing greens with lunch right? Right. Hokay. Anyways, you have to buy these when they are released in stores after the first of the year. I can assure you this snack is worth every shiny penny!

I’m off to tackle some errands, one of which includes sending above treats to a certain Snacky friend. ;-)

Have a merry, happy, blessed Christmas if you’re celebrating. Remember to love hard, laugh often and treat your body well!

Winnie the Pooh says hello, from our foyer.

Stay lovely,

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite LARABAR flavor?

Mine is now the Cappucino but Tropical Fruit Tart comes in at a close second!

Disclaimer: I was sent samples of the Cappucino LARABARS by the LARABAR corporation. All opinions are my own. I adore LARABAR regardless of them sending me free samples…although they are certainly welcomed with open arms and a huge smile. :-)

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