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New Finds & Old Friends

Posted Mar 02 2010 6:02pm

Happy Tuesday!

Who wants to play a game of new finds and old friends?

Today I reintroduced myself to some of my old food obsessions, while finding new ones!

New Find? Artisana Coconut Butter and mango oats

Old Friend? oat bran

In the Mix: oat bran, rolled spelt flakes, wheat bran, coffee&almondmilk, 1/4 diced mango, goji berries, couple dices pineapple, chai spice blend, vanilla

On the Top: 1/4 diced mango sauteed with pineapple, coconut, and macadamia nuts, ground flax, chia-acai icing, strawberry-pom jam, and coconut butter

Can you even imagine how good coconut butter is?! I think I died and went to heaven twenty times today, and it all started with this bowl right here. Just look at how melty it gets!

Like with the cacao bliss, when I tasted it alone I was a little hesitant as to its’ slight grittiness. But once thoroughly heated it was amazing. I can;t even think of the words. This bowl was perfect for it, too.

Pretty sure it had an affect on mother nature, too – it was supposed to be snowy today, but instead it was warm and sunny! I’m not complaining…I’ll take snow, or warm and sunny. No rain or dreariness!

I play with my food.

Today was a school day, and one I could come home for lunchtime, at that. In-between class snack included an old friend, a Kashi cereal bar! I thought I’d finished these guys off, but found one in my backpack. I have random bars in my car, in my purse, in my coat pocket, and in my backpack. Ya never know! haha. I also had some butter snaps leftover from yesterday.

For my drive-in snack I had two old friends: a banana and a WW english muffin with PB, honey apple buttah, and granola. And a relatively new find: yogi tea! I wish all teas had the Yogi tags. That tag seriously made my morning!

I forgot how much I love english muffins. Yum.

I got out of my later class early because we had a test, so I stopped at the discount foods store for what – second time this week? I no longer have any shame for shopping there. They have perfectly legit food, and I have been dying to get my hands on Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride! As well as those S’mores bars – which is why I stopped there in the first place.

They have a good stock of the Celestial holiday teas – Sugar Plum, Candy Cane Lane, Gingerbread, and the mysterious Sugar Cookie. All good until June 2010 – anyone need me to hook ‘em up?

First they come through with having canned pumpkin, next they come through with gingerbread spice tea and S’more Z Bars, and now Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride? Why do I bother going to the grocery store?! They even have a bunch of Kashi products – all, you guessed it, in date, just a little scuffed up! I don’t discriminate ;)

I hustled home for my screaming stomach and nommed on an old friend – a carrot – while making another old friend:

Egg panini wraps will never grow old.

This one involved a vine-ripe tomato, though – and this made me realize how much better roma/plum tomatoes are. Seriously.

Fried egg, homemade ranch dressing, spinach, tomato, red onion, and freshly shredded parmesan.

With a relatively new friend: kale chips with smoked salt & pepper and some pineapple.

Deee-vine! Just like the weather today. I went for a nice walk to the bank after my last class, and another short one after lunch.

But not before having dessert with this new find!

almond butter & jam bran muffin with blackberry honey creme and sugar cookie sleigh ride. This was what, the twentieth time I died and went to heaven today? I drank a sugar cookie. I am not kidding you. I do have to say I still prefer their gingerbread spice, but I also prefer gingerbread over sugar cookies :)

As for the blackberry honey creme? Oh. My. God. It’s rivaling the jams in my fridge, and we all know how I feel about my jams. I just had it again on an english muffin, and it is just…I don’t even know how to say other than perfect. Comprende?

I was then able to begin my nature tour.

fuzzy wuzzy!

seems to be a common theme.

shooting just to shoot.

...until Kaia got jealous and came to model.

I think she signs her contract tomorrow or someting...

Oh yeah! Food and stuff...

An old friend Barbara dropped by – I used to be a cereal (namely puffins) addict. I wouldn’t use it for bowls of cereal – but ontop of my oats, on top of yogurt, by the handful – but then it suddenly disappeared. I was thinking today how I couldn’t even remember the last time I just had a bowl of cereal…and so a star was born, thanks to my knack of stocking up on food items when they’re on sale. This puffins box had been sitting unopened for a good couple months, I think! Wanting cereal but not quite wanting cold, I decided to nuke this for thirty seconds, and I’m pretty sure magic happened in that microwave. Came out with parts mushy, parts crunchy, and all-around amazing. I put some honey apple butter and cinnamon a-top, as well.

It was actually kind of funny: I was thinking what else can I add? but then realized: it’s cereal. you don’t need to add anything. So for the first time in quite a while – I ate food [almost] as it was meant to be. And it was deerish. I think I’ve only had cinnamon toast crunch once in my childhood, but I think this is what it would taste like. Only this was “more better,” as they say.

I could not have been more grateful for my leftover strata tonight. We were kept up to the last minute, which meant getting home at 7:30, and I was starved! I packed an orange and still had a couple pretzels left – so I thought I would be fine since I munched throughout the day. But I was definitely ready for some dinner.

A carbon copy of last night! Just as good, if not better, than last night. Although – that’s the first time I’ve just microwaved some brocolli – usually I do my burnt broc method – and burnt broc is definitely the only way I ever want to eat broc. Okay, maybe it’s not that severe. But it’s just so good!

Anyways. Sorry for crushing so much into one speedy post – but it’s late and I really want to go relax! It’s just how my tuesdays go, I suppose.

Have you found any new friends, and rediscovered any old ones lately? Do you tend to go through food “phases” like me?!

I hope everyone had a great day! Have a good night :)

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