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New Bars and Pain-Free Running!

Posted Oct 07 2011 2:39pm

After work yesterday I was hankering for a good run in this beautiful crisp October air we have been having in Boston. I have been having a lot of trouble getting back onto the road while recovering from that stress fracture . I haven’t been experiencing any pain on the treadmill but running outside has been very challenging. I have missed the fresh air! Running in the city isn’t my favorite but Boston is actually very ‘runner friendly’ :)

I had laid off for a few days and decided to give it a go yesterday… I had a pain free 4 mile run at a 9:30 average pace! It was incredibly rejuvenating. I think what works for me is running every three days right now. I want to cross train on my off days but really for now I want to enjoy the outside as much as possible so I have been walking a TON on my off days… between 5-6/7 miles a day. It sounds like a lot of walking but really it is doable in the city, believe me it is :) I want to milk every last moment of comfy Autumn weather :)

The mornings and nights have been *chilly*. I actually wore my winter jacket this morning! It’s not super heavy so it was just right. It will be perfect in the winter worn with a sweater or hoodie underneath. :)

Is it just me or has this week totally flown right by!? Awesome. I am ready for a three day weekend which will include giving wine tours , a dinner party, cooking, running, and supporting my Sister at the B.A.A Half Marathon… her first big race!

As I have mentioned before, she will be running the Boston Marathon next year in support of the National MS society in honor of our Mother. You can see her Strides Against MS Page HERE !

I know that many of you, along with myself, are crazy devoted Trader Joe’s fans! I am slightly obsessed with their egg white salad with chives. It’s simple, delicious and only has 100 calories in the whole tub. It is AWESOME with salt and pepper chips. Today I had the egg white salad with salt and pepper Popchips as a part of my lunch. This flavor of Popchips is hands down my favorite.. there is even black pepper flavor infused inside the chips. Just delicious. Perfect flavor combo with any egg salad.

I prefer to dip chips into egg salad rather than putting it on bread… this way I get to maximize my time with it ;)

Later I had a juicy navel orange… it’s almost citrus season guys! Get ready for lots of orange on this blog because every year I get slightly obsessed… with Oranges AND Kabocha squash.

I also had a bar for a snack today!

If you have known me for a while then you know I have this thing with bars… I love them. I am obsessed. I keep them handy everywhere. I used to have a blog years ago called tastes Like The Future devoted to reviewing bars. It was originally a joke because while working for Whole Foods I ate them ALL THE TIME but I really got into it and realized just how much time and energy blogging takes! I didn’t continue the blog but my love for bars has remained.

That is kind of where I got the name for this blog. I believe the lives we lead today are MUCH MUCH different than how lives were lead in generations past. We work more, we are multi-tasking more… life is just different. We more often nowadays find ourself looking for a bite in a pinch, or need something quick before or after a work out, time seems to run out more quickly as our responsibilities grow. SO… the point is, is that there are really good bars out there. I mean there are hundreds and hundreds of brands. It can be overwhelming to chose. And beyond that there are all different types too! Protein bars, energy bars, nutrition bars, bars geared for women, snack bars, cereal bars, granola bars.. you name it and it probably comes in bar form in some way or another. The goal is to pick the type and the brand that works for you.


After the lengthy conversations I had about bars at the Boston Food Blogger’s Bash at M.J O’Connor’s the other night I realized that I really do want to get back to the bars. I’ll update the bar page soon, I promise ;)

For now… here is a newish bar I spotted the other day at Harvest Co-Op in Cambridge. Columbia Gorge Organic seems similar to Odwalla in that they also make juices and smoothies in addition to their bars. The packaging looks similar as well.

I was attracted to this bar for a few reasons: It’s new to me, it has hemp protein (a very bio-available plant based protein… though I do prefer whey in most cases), they are gluten free, kinda lowish in sugar (11g’s), and they are 180 cals… good for a snack.

Wholey MILLET! I love millet so this was good… they added a nice, seedy crunch. The bar was slightly sweet and chewy from the dates, brown rice syrup, agave, raisins and apricot. Due to the higher carb to protein ratio I would definitely consider this a great pre-workout bar. The protein and fat content is low so it wouldn’t hold me over… a great, tasty enough bar that you could burn right through a good long run.

Bon Appétit!

P.S: Now, don’t get me wrong… I love real WHOLE food. I love to cook and enjoy long lengthy meals. But I would rather enjoy a really well-made natural food bar in a pinch when I am super busy rather than scarfing down a larger meal not being able to taste, take my time and really truly enjoy it. I am Pro-BARS!!! Actually ProBars are pretty awesome too.. Maybe I’ll review those next time ;)

What’s you bar of choice? (For a drink or a nutritious snack ;) )

OHHHHH! And Don’t forget to enter my City Wine Tour giveaway !!! :)

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