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New Apartment

Posted Jun 27 2012 10:48pm

I really wasn’t sure if #8 was going to happen this year. But it did and I’m almost a full month in! I was lucky enough to have a great friend who needed a roomie and was within my budget AND in a good area. The stars aligned.

I did a little repainting, here are some before shots.

And After. Dark brown to Soft Lilac. And I listened to the dudes at Home Depot, Behr Ultra Premium 2 in 1 Primer and Paint is where it’s at. $29 per can, but you paint two coats instead of 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of color. Save a lot of time it’s actually cheaper.

I can’t decide what I love more. Sitting on my bed watching 100 episodes of The Office, drinking wine on the sweet porch, or playing with Hurley my roommates dog.

Or waking up to awesome notes from my roomie.

And of course budgeting is a big issue now. I’ve always been fairly cautious of money, but I had the comfort of relying on a partner. Now it’s back to basics and I quickly realized that I can’t go out to dinner 4 nights a week, or buy tickets for 5 shows at once, or buy plane tickets whenever I felt like it. With Grad school around the corner and impending expenses looming over me, it means some serious cutting back or suffer the wrath of frivolous spending. It’s actually kind of empowering. I need to learn to live on what I need, and learn to let go of what I want. I’m not a flashy kind of girl anyway, but social events were my main source of wallet drainage. I’ve had more time for focusing on creative outlets, reading and spending time with friends.

I don’t have cable. I bought my own laptop, I haven’t bought clothes in awhile and I have been able to go out a couple of times with friends, as long as I was being careful. I went grocery shopping twice since I’ve moved in and spent $120 total in about  a month. Which also forces me to eat food before it goes bad and more importantly, ea t the food that I buy. Sure, I THINK I’m going to buy rice and veggies and eat it… but when you’re hungry and on a budget you’re gonna eat that god damn rice and veggies.

Which has led me to losing weight, unexpectedly. Between being incredibly busy, actually eating the healthy food I buy, not engaging in social drinking activities as often and cutting down on downtown lunches,  it  has had a fairly decent affect on my body. And I walk everywhere now. No more car (or gas money to spend). If  I want to be somewhere, I walk or take the T.

So, it may sound like  a lot more stress, but it’s really not. I feel good about myself and I wake up happy and focused. Maybe it’s just the high of being on my own or maybe it’s just a sense of pride that fuels my spirit. Either way, I’ll take it. It’s a nice change of pace. And so I have to eat leftovers, pass on going out  and take the train more often… I still have it pretty damn good.

Also, this how I feel most days….

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