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New “Healthy” Breakfast Beverage

Posted Feb 25 2013 8:28am

beverages What’s your idea of a healthy breakfast drink? Coffee? Tea? Water? Milk? Soda? When we were young and working in the same company I used to meet one of my friends in the break room where she began each and every day with a can of Coke for breakfast! It seemed disgusting to me then and even moreso now. I never developed a taste for soda and it turns out that was a very good thing.

I know from week to week coffee changes from a healthy drink in moderation to practically poison. But honestly, organic coffee in moderation is not an unhealthy food. Well, PepsiCo has a brand new beverage they are hoping will become a breakfast staple in American homes. It’s called Kickstart . It is basically a soda but because it contains 5% juice,according to the FDA, it isn’t considered a “soda” even though the remaining 95% is corn syrup, phosphoric acid, artificial chemical sweeteners and 92 milligrams of caffeine. Because it has that 5% juice, it’s considered a juice, not a soda. Makes perfect sense, no?

If that wasn’t illogical enough, because it’s considered juice, it could make its way into the diets of public school children. So even if you don’t buy it for your children, they could get it at school. A healthy breakfast is one of the most critically important habits to instill.

Childhood is the time when diet and lifestyle habits are taught. According to a study from the University of Pennsylviania School of Nursing, children who regularly skip breakfast have lower verbal, performance and full-scale IQs than other children. Children’s brains are growing well into their 20′s and beginning the day after a good night’s sleep with the proper nutrition can make a huge difference in their health and success in school.

Skipping breakfast is associated with unhealthy behaviors, such as smoking, frequent alcohol use, lack of exercise as well as higher weight, eating more junk foods and fewer fruits and vegetables.

It’s just one more reason to be aware of what you are putting into your body and being even more vigilant about what your children eat and drink, especially for the first meal of their day. In my opinion we can’t trust the government or anyone else to be responsible for our health.

One of my main goals this year is to help parents improve their children’s health. Please click this link to see what I am offering.

Do you and your children, if you have them, start the day with a healthy breakfast? If not, why not?

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