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Neti Pot Review: No More Sinus Pain and Congestion? | Product Reviews

Posted Jan 22 2009 4:40pm

Neti Pot Users Swear This Funny Contraption Cures Everything from Migraines to Sinus Pain.  But Does It Really Work? We Review It.

Products Reviewed: Image of Neti Pot on Bathroom Sink

  • Neti Pot (from Sinu Cleanse® )
  • Sinu Cleanse® Squeeze TM

Manufacturer: Sinu Cleanse
MSRP: $14.99 (Neti Pot); $10.99 (Sinu Cleanse Squeeze)
Place of Purchase: CVS,

Neti Pot & SinuCleanse Squeeze Pros:

  • Provides natural sinus relief from congestion, pressure and pain
  • Reduced post-cold sinus pain, pressure, and headaches
  • Reduced runny nose and itching from household allergies
  • Improved taste and smell
  • Good directions
  • Developed by an M.D. and ear, nose and throat specialist
  • Accomplished what over-the-counter decongestants provide, without resorting to any medication

Neti Pot & SinuCleanse Cons:

  • Takes a little practice to get used to squirting water up your nose
  • “Grossness” factor: This thing works, but again, you are squirting water up your nose and letting it drain out the other side. Probably not something you want to perform in front of that new girlfriend or boyfriend. Or your spouse. Or your family.
  • Neti Pot seems less effective at clearing badly congested nose during a cold. However, the SinuCleanse Squeeze does the trick.

Ratings (1-4 Scale: 1= poor, 2= fair, 3= good, 4= excellent)

Construction: 4
Durability: 4
Price: 3
Availability: 4
Ease of Use: 3 (once you get the hang of it)
Does It Do What It Claims? Yes
Would You Buy It Again? Yes

Overall Rating: 3.6

Neti Pot and SinuCleanse Squeeze Review

The National Center of Health Statistics estimates that in the United States, more than 32 million adults suffer from chronic sinus infections — making it one of the most common chronic diseases in America. 



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