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Neon Signs at Wildwood New Jersey Motels

Posted Aug 23 2013 12:00am

Wildwood New Jersey is know for its beautiful beaches and old style hotels.  Many of which were constructed in the 1960′s. Each was designed to have its own theme.  When driving down Atlantic Ave in Wildwood Crest Nj you will see a Las Vegas like atmosphere. Now adays some of the hotels have been torn down and rebuilt some are considered Historical landmarks and cannot be destroyed.  However not all wildwood crest hotels are equal due to many reasons including:

1. location:  Many hotels are located right on the beach while others you will have to walk a little while to get to the beautiful beaches.  This may or may not be a selling point for some people but it will for others.  You will also have to consider price as a hotel or motel in Wildwood on the beach will cost more than one that is not.

2. How many people will be staying in the room.  Most wildwood hotels have a choice of 1, 2 or 3 beds per room.  This usually equates to having 2, 4 or 6 people staying in each room.  Some hotels will require that you pay an extra nightly fee if you go over the alotted amount of guests in your room.

3. Do you need a kitchen, refrigerator in your room? Somethimes many people who visit Wildwood Crest NJ like to do their own cooking and save a little money while on vacation. This savings in food could help increase the number days you can afford to stay in Wildwood New Jersey.

4. Do you want to stay in a Motel or Hotel in Wildwood Crest NJ.  They are similar but have many qualities that are unque to each.  A motel is usually 2-3 stories while a hotel is usually more than 3 stories and is equipped with many more rooms.  You will usually find a better deal while booking a room with a Wildwood Motel.


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