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Need Your Support & I Have a Secret…

Posted Jun 05 2010 7:36am

Whoa. Things are shakin up on the “O” competition front. A few of the competitors are rocking out like 300,000 votes in a day. Holy tornadoes. I need some help…

Remember you can vote as many times per day as you like until July 3rd. Just click on the vote button and then… (here’s the secret)… click on the back button on your keyboard to return to the voting page. It goes pretty quick– you can knock off 200 votes in about 3 minutes!

Most of my friends and family have now upped their previous “100 Challenge” to the  “1000 Challenge.”. Which means they are voting 1000+ times per day (~15 minutes) and have emailed the link to all of their contacts (yeah, they’re the only reason I’m still hanging on in this competition!). They are also posting a voting reminder frequently on their social media sites (FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.). Just click here to visit my voting page and get started on your own “# Challenge.”

I would love, love, love to have our larger community support as well. My show pitch is for a community/audience driven approach rather than top-down, so it makes perfect sense that the only way for this to come into being is through the support of the community. If you would dedicate 1-15+ minutes per day to help create an empowering, entertaining and informative wellness show, I would be forever grateful :)

My passion has always been to host a wellness show. It has been the motivation behind my education and experiences for the last 10 years. I have spent the last 2 years refining my show concept. My dream would be to reach the semifinals so that I can formally pitch it to the OWN Network. Of course, once there, my next dream would be to make it happen.

Also, I would like an even longer list of show topics and ideas before we go to the finals. So, please send me your ideas and opinions on what you’d like to see in the show! And if you have any ideas on how to rally up some more votes, please share them!

Many thanks and much love,


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