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Need For Fiber Rich Meals For Diabetics

Posted Apr 20 2013 2:01am
 Lately, the importance of Fiber in diabetic diet has been recognized as a high fiber diet reduces the absorption of glucose in small intestine and thereby checks the rise in the blood sugar levels after the meals. It reduces the requirement of insulin and keeps a check on the . It also reduces the level of fats in blood like cholesterol and gives the diabetic a feeling of fullness, without consuming extra calories.

Best Fiber Foods For DiabeticsHowever a person not tuned to high fiber diet may have upset bowel movements at times and should keep the intake of fiber diet in limits and increase it gradually.

The dietary fat plays an important role in hardening the blood vessels, and since diabetics are prone to have hardening of blood vessels, the fat content in their diet has to be restricted and the same diet should followed in case of diabetics who are obese. It is advisable that less than 30 percent calories should be from fats and the daily intake of cholesterol should be less than 300 gms. Even when the level of blood fats, like if cholesterol or triglycerides is normal, a diabetic should have half of his dietary fats of saturated type  like butter or ghee and half of the dietary of unsaturated type like corn oil or sunflower. This will also help to keep the diabetes level in check.

Fiber Rich Foods for DiabeticsWhen the blood fat level is elevated, the dietary fat should be of polyunsaturated type only, however the vitamins requirement of a diabetic is same as that of a normal person and a diabetic must have a well planned meals which consists of all the vitamins.

Food stuffs with high fiber content are whole grain cereals, pulses, legumes, leafy vegetables, nuts, fruits and food stuffs with low fiber content are milled cereals, white bread, meat, fish, chicken, eggs, fruit juice milk and dairy products.

A diabetic should at no time restrict his intake of water, and must at all times must restrict the intake of salt in their diet as diabetics are more prone to get blood pressure than the normal people.

With a proper fiber intake diabetics can keep the malice under control.


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