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Need a vacation from a vacation

Posted Nov 05 2012 1:20am
Seattle: "Ooh, the mountains are pretty."
Korea: "Ooh, the mountains are pretty."
Japan: "Ooh, the mountains are pretty."
California: "Ooh, the mountains are pretty."
Utah: "Ooh, the mountains are pretty".
North Carolina: "Ooh, Chik-fil-a!"

Leaving Salt Lake City

In 18 days, we have been to DC, Baltimore, Seattle, Japan, Korea, California, and back to North Carolina. 7 of those 18 days were spent traveling and 34 hours total were spent on a plane. But as of today, we are finally home, sweet, home.

Driving to Sacramento

However, we are NEVER taking our little man on an airplane ever again. Or at least until he's 5. I'm not even going to try and pretend I have the perfect child who sleeps on the plane and sits still for hours on end, because I most surely do not. The kid just does not sit still, and he wouldn't sleep on any of the flights because he wanted to move around and see everything that was going on. I cant fault him for being active, curious, and wanting to explore, but we got absolutely zero sleep on any of our flights since we were trying to quell our screaming kid with lungs the size of Texas. 

Yup, we definitely got plenty of stank eye on the flights thanks to our little dude.

10 hours on a cargo plane from Japan to California. Fun times.

The icing on the cake of this whole chaotic adventure is that when we arrived to DC, we discovered Caleb had croup, pharyngitis, and a double ear infection. We spent all night at the ER which resulted in another night of lost sleep. I can't complain about that though. I'm so glad we figured out what was wrong and nipped everything in the bud before it got worse.

Next, after being so excited to finally make it back safely to North Carolina, we opened the door to our house and discovered our house has been infested with hundreds of fleas.

Cue exorcist style vomiting!

So instead of being able to finally relax and get settled in, we went on mad scramble to get all of the flea killers out on the market, and then proceeded to bomb our entire house. Then spend hours cleaning everything up. Which I will then have to repeat all over again tomorrow morning. So why I'm blogging instead of sleeping is beyond me right now.

Going to Korea was completely worth it all. Flying Military Space A (despite of the husbands angrypants face) was also worth it.
But seriously, we're not taking any kids on vacation until they're at least old enough to get their mouths taped shut without CPS getting called on us (kidding, sort of).

Hope everyone else has a better start to their week and for those who have suffered from that biotch Sandy, my heart goes out to you.

Sleepless travel woes, a sick child well on his way to getting better, and a flea infested home does not even BEGIN to compare. I am praying like a mad man for you all...

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