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Natural remedies for scar removal

Posted Dec 16 2012 3:53am

Do you have a scar from a burn, an injury, a surgery, chicken pox or acne? Well, join the club – the majority of people have a scar or scars which they find irritating, often hate them and want to get rid of some way or another.
Apart from the quite expensive and often painful dermatologic therapies for scar removal, there are some easy to get and relatively affordable remedies for reducing scarring. Of course, in some cases visiting the dermatologist will be the best idea, but let’s talk about those scars, which can be treated with natural and household remedies. Remember, these should not be applied on infected or open wounds • Raw honey. Massage it directly on the scarred area and leave it on for at least 30 minutes, then wash away. Repeat this procedure daily or several times a week.
• Vitamin E from capsules. It is great for treating scars and renewing the skin – you can apply it topically directly on the scar by making a hole in the capsule with a needle, or you can take the capsule orally to boost skin regeneration.
• Onion juice. It is an ingredient included in various scar treatment ointments and creams, but it can easily be made by chopping and pressing an onion and applying the juice on the scar with a swab of cotton several times a day.
• Vinegar can be used as a mild chemical peel to gently remove the top layer of skin, so that the old skin cells are removed and replaced with new cells.
• Place a tomato slice on the scar. The Vitamin A and antioxidant effect of the tomato will help reduce the scarring and improve skin regeneration.
• Cucumber slices. Yep, they are not only great for puffy eyes, but for smoothening the skin and fading scars.
• Lemon juice mixed with some water is great for treating acne and other scars. When applied several times a day, the results will soon be visible. Remember that it is acidic, so if your skin in very sensitive you should dilute it with water.
• Olive oil. Use it to massage the affected skin so that it is smoothened and moisturized, which will help skin regeneration.
• A mixture of rose water with sandal wood paste is great for treating scars. Apply the affected areas and leave on overnight – this mixture will smoothen and cool the skin.
• Aloe Vera (gel or ointment) is particularly effective for treating scars from acne.
• Rosehip seed oil. Apply 2 times a day for a visible effect, skin tone improvement and fading of the scarring.
• Make your own scar-healing oil, by using either fresh gotu kola or sliced onion, which are both known to inhibit collagen production and thus reduce scarring. Place the herb or vegetable of your choice in a clean jar, and fill it with olive oil. Let the mix stay for at least three weeks and then strain the oil from it. Apply the oil with gentle massages directly on the scar.
• Blend a cup of honey with half a cup of dry oats and five tablespoons of aloe vera gel. Blend until it turns into fine paste and pour in a clean container. Use the mixture to massage the scarred skin at least once a day.
• Glycerin has excellent skin healing properties. Massage some glycerin onto the scar two times a day to see more incredible results.
• Tea tree oil. Massaging with tea tree oil on a regular basis is known to reduce scars.
• Use oat flour paste made of two cups of hot water mixed with one cup of oat meal. This is known to hydrate the skin, and to help reduce scars when massaged on them for 10-15 minutes a day
Please, remember that these treatments are for scars which do not require medical attention and which are not open wounds and burns.
Other tips to naturally reduce and remove scars are • Make sure you drink a lot of water, so that the skin cells are hydrated, and their growth is boosted.
• Eat a lot of veggies and fruits, which will supply the organism with the minerals and vitamins and the necessary hydratation necessary for skin rejuvenation and healing of scars.
• Drink lemon juice, which also boosts cell growth and improves the skin’s elasticity.
• Eat more omega-3 fatty acid fish such as salmon, mackerel and sardines, try eating more poultry white meat and soy based food, which all will provide the organism the proteins necessary for a faster healing of the skin.
• Fenugreek paste mask for the face is known to be great with educing acne related scarring.
• Rub acne scars with Ice cubes wrapped in a cloth several times a day to reduce the scarring and lessen inflammation.
• A small block of fresh yeast mixed with 2 tablespoons of milk and the scarred skin can do wonders for the scarred skin. Apply for 20 minutes, and then clean the area with chamomile tea – this recipe is especially effective for acne related scars.
In the cases when the scars are not that serious, you may be able to treat them with home remedies or scar removal creams, but make sure not to try out anything dangerous, which can hurt your skin even more, which could lead to infections and even more serious scarring. If you decide to go to the dermatologist and ask for professional advice, and if you are looking toward undergoing cosmetic treatment with lasers, etc. please make sure you go to professionals. After all, you want to make things better, and skin is for life.

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