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Natural immune health supplementation: who do you trust?

Posted Jul 27 2011 3:07pm

Lately I’ve been providing samples of the immune-balancing supplement EpiCor to several friends, especially those with seasonal health

Embria Health Sciences manufacturing facility

issues who have a difficult time finding relief.  After I give them the goods, I think to myself, “You should have told them that the place where EpiCor is made is right here in the Des Moines area. You can drive over and see it yourself. It’s an immaculate facility. You can eat your breakfast off the floor it’s so clean. And the production process is so efficient and elegantly simple (but sophisticated), it’s hard to imagine anything else that’s made in such a way.

Now, that leads to another thought; how does someone know if the ingredient or supplement they are taking is truly of high quality, safety and purity? Is there a way to surmise that you’re taking something safe and effective beyond simple trust or past experience?

One big way to gauge quality is something called cGMP. That stands for Current Good Manufacturing Practices , an FDA manufacturing rule designed to ensure the public that companies complying with cGMP are producing products with consistent quality and reliable safety that are true to the label claims. In other words, what’s in the bottle is exactly what is listed on the label. Embria  Health Sciences manufactures EpiCor under cGMP standards. Most people might take that for granted, but I don’t.  Worldwide, there are enough sham factories in the supplement..and the pharma…industry that fly under the cGMP radar, you can’t know for sure what you’re getting from these manufacturers. So, never be shy to call or email a supplement company and ask if their facilities, and those they purchase raw materials from, are cGMP compliant.

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