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Natural Home Remedies

Posted Aug 24 2008 8:12pm
Liver Spots

Make a solution of one part of onion juice with two parts of vinegar. Rub onto the affected skin several times a day. Within a few weeks this treatment will begin to have it's effect

Rough Skin

Honey can be used to smooth rough hands and is said to delay the ageing process if a little is smoothed into the skin every night before bed.

Skin Discoloration

Use honey and watercress juice in equal quantities. Make a thin paste and spread on the affected part of the skin. Leave for two hours and wash off with rose water. Repeat daily until the discolouration disappears.

Feet Softener

Soften feet by soaking them in a bath of epsom salts and warm water.


Slice a clove of garlic in half. Hold the halved clove on the affected area for a few minutes. Repeat as often as necessary

Make up a solution of two tablespoons of white vinegar with one cup of boiled, cooled water. Dab the solution on the effccted area several times a day. Always wash the skin before applying.

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