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Natural Headache Relief with Essential Oils {Giveaway!}

Posted Apr 22 2014 12:01am

I am participating in a sponsored campaign by BOOMbox Network on behalf of Healing Natural Oils. This post contains affiliate links. All opinions stated are my own.

They started when I was 10 years old. The migraines. By the time I was 12, the headaches kept me home, in bed, in the dark, in misery, several days out of every month.

I had tests. They poked, they prodded, they took blood, they stuck things to my head to see what was going on inside. In the end, they just said exactly what my parents thought all along. I had migraines.

This was in 1969 so there wasn’t a lot of advice about natural types of treatment or investigating causes.  Nobody worried about the long term side effects of the medication that provided relief.

And so, at age 12, I was given a prescription for Darvon , an addictive opioid that was put on the controlled substance list then eventually banned in 2010 because of serious heart side effects. There was no control over how I used this medication either. I had free access, and if I felt a headache coming on, I knew that I couldn’t waste any time taking my pills because the pain would get worse and the medication wouldn’t work.

Healing Natural Oils 4 Natural Headache Relief with Essential Oils {Giveaway!}

It is a little scary how easy it is to set up this photo op.

Even so, the side effects were bad enough that even I, at 12, knew that they couldn’t be good for me. Nausea and vomiting (which is also a migraine side effect, so it’s not easy to say what caused it), dizziness, and a quickened heart beat were enough to make me finally resist taking the Darvon except for serious headaches, and instead use an over the counter analgesic called Emperin. Back then it contained phenacetin, and combined with aspirin and caffeine it was fairly effective in soothing my migraines. Then they found out that phenacetin is really bad for your kidneys and took it out of the Emperin. Guess what? It didn’t work any more.

On reflection, I think that is a good thing.

Fast forward 45 years. These days there are many more and much safer medications for migraines. They are much more effective too, so they are less likely to lead to an overdose or have serious side effects. The fact remains that I am still frequently taking powerful medications. And seriously? That can’t be good. In addition, acetaminophen is usually my “first step” when I feel a headache coming on, even though I know that over the counter drugs can be dangerous too.

Healing Natural Oils 31 Natural Headache Relief with Essential Oils {Giveaway!}

That is why I was so excited when I was invited to be a part of the campaign for . I have tried natural methods to ease my headaches, including supplements, massage, dietary changes, but none had made much of an impact. But in the last year or so, I have been hearing so many things about the benefits of essential oils that I thought it was time to investigate and see what they have to offer.

The healing properties of homeopathy have been known for thousands of years. Amoils Healing Natural Oils have been available for 12 years.  Each oil is guaranteed and formulated for each specific condition. These formulas have been tried and tested over the years, and all ingredients are purchased direct from the source so you can be assured of their purity. You can learn more about Amoils Natural Remedies on their or by checking them out on or Twitter . Healing Natural Oils 2 Natural Headache Relief with Essential Oils {Giveaway!}

The Healing Natural Oils contains a blend of  homeopathic and botanical ingredients and the instructions are simple. Just put a few drops into your hand and massage into the back of your neck and at your temple. The botanicals in H-Headaches Formula provide a natural analgesic effect while the homeopathics work systemically to relieve symptoms such as throbbing head and pain over the eyes.

I have been using the H-Headaches Formula whenever I feel a headache coming on. I feel that my symptoms are milder and that I can avoid some of the medications that I usually turn to. The scent of the oil is pleasant and soothing, which is important because migraines increase sensitivity to smell. I am thrilled that I have finally found natural headache relief.

I have also found that if I use the oil as a preventative, in circumstances that I know might trigger a migraine, I have a good chance of not getting the headache in the first place.  For example, after my 18 mile run over the weekend, I rubbed in a little oil before lying down to recover. Long runs like that frequently set off a migraine, but not this time. I made it through the day, tired, but without a headache.

Do you get headaches? The H-Headaches Formula is beneficial not only for migraines, but also for tension, sinus, and cluster headaches. If you would like to have a chance to win your own bottle of Amoils Healing Natural Oils Headache Treatment, enter using the Raffecopter below.

Amoils Healing Natural Oils offers solutions for many common health issues, including acne, arthritis, moles, cold sores, and many more. Check out their to see if you can find a natural solution.

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