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Natural Hair Regrowth- Remedies

Posted Apr 09 2010 12:34pm

When it comes to hair regrowth, people have always looked for natural remedies for centuries. As we grow older, we automatically lose hair and we long for hair re-growth. That’s the reason millions of people consult their doctors for a magic cure to re-grow their hair. Below we can find some natural hair regrowth remedies that can help for hair loss.

Regularly cut your hair every 6 to 8 weeks of time and keep it healthy.

Avoid using hair dryers and try to dry your hair in a natural way.

Massage your scalp thrice in a week with coconut milk for 30 minutes to decrease your hair loss.

Saw palmetto is a primary active ingredient used in major natural hair loss remedies and can help hair re-grow naturally.

Stinging nettle is a common herb used in traditional medicine can help you re-grow your hair naturally.

Gotu kola stimulates your hair growth. It is a popular herb and is available in all natural health food stores.

Boil coconut oil with hibiscus flowers and condition your hair by applying this oil.

Apply on hair the combination of coconut oil and avocado which gives a healthy boost for natural regrowth.

Every day apply a few drops of almond oil to your hair.

Ginseng a Chinese herbal medicine rejuvenates your scalp. It increases the blood flow and helps to re-grow your hair.

Fo-ti (or) Hi shou wu is a Chinese herb and can be consumed as tea. It helps to increase your hair growth.

Folic acid helps natural hair re-growth. Consume collard greens, lentils, papaya, peas and asparagus where folic acid is found.

Sufficient Vitamin A is very essential for hair growth, so make sure your intake should not exceed more than 100,000 IU each day. Always try to have natural food sources like orange, mango, sweet potato, carrot and squash.

Vitamin B plays a vital role in the production of hemoglobin. This will supply enough oxygen to your scalp to stay healthy and promote the hair growth. So try to consume potatoes, bananas, chicken breast, pork loin and roast beef.

Collagens are very essential for growing of strong hair. Vitamin C is more required for the healthy development of collagen. Consume guava, kiwi fruit, oranges and red peppers which are rich in Vitamin C.

Vitamin E is essential in the natural hair regrowth, because it helps the blood circulation in the scalp and improves the growth of the hair. Vitamin E is found rich in cereals and oils like corn oil, soybean oil and safflower oil.

Above all these things try to exercise daily, which really improves your blood circulation throughout the whole body, especially your scalp. This helps in fastening the process of natural hair regrowth.

The above seen are some of the natural remedies that can help to re-grow your hair. They can really make a difference in the growth rate within few months. They are very easy to follow as well.

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