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Natural Bacterial Vaginosis Treatments - Cure BV Without Antibiotics

Posted Mar 29 2009 3:19pm 1 Comment

Natural bacterial vaginosis treatments are a worthwhile option to consider if you have the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis. Clare, who is now 24, suffered from repeated episodes of BV and was at the end of her tether.

You can read her story below.

Clare, 24, had three attacks of BV, each were just a few weeks apart and she just didn’t know what to do next. She finally found a way to get rid of the horrible symptoms by using a natural bacterial vaginosis treatments and encourages others to do the same.

“During the summer, I noticed a really bad fishy type of smell. I shower every morning and often bathe at night so I just couldn’t understand it. I knew that the smell was coming from me and it was SOOO embarrassing. I didn’t mention it to my boyfriend as I was ashamed. I thought it would put him off me, so I used to be washing myself ALL the time. I’d carry wet-wipes everywhere-and spare panties. At every available opportunity I was running to the bathroom and washing and changing my underwear. All the washing seemed to be making things even worse.

As for sex, well, it put me off altogether. On the odd occasion that we got intimate, I just knew he could smell it and he never said anything because I think he was embarrassed as well.

After three weeks of suffering, I went to see her doctor. He told me I had bacterial vaginosis but never explained anything about the condition, but sent me away with a pack of expensive antibiotics. Within 2 days, the relief I felt was incredible-the smell and the horrible discharge had gone.

Just 4 weeks later, it was back with a vengeance. The smell was even worse and as for the discharge, there was more of it than ever. I was distraught. This time, I got yet more antibiotics, but a longer course and was told to return for a swab to check that it had gone. After I’d finished the course I got the all-clear-Fantastic-or so I thought….

I guess you might know what happened next. Yes-within 2 months I had it again. This time, I researched and researched the internet looking for bacterial vaginosis treatments. I just knew that there must be a better way to treat it. I figured that I was no different to the millions of other women who weren’t walking around with an awful smell following them!

Very skeptically and after much research, I decided to try a treatment I’d found. I guessed I had nothing to lose as it came with a full money back guarantee. There were a few things which attracted me to it . First of all, it was “all-natural”. Secondly, it would save me lots of money-antibiotics are so expensive! Really though, I liked the fact that it promised that you would be symptom-free within 3 days

Well, after having symptoms on and off for nearly 3 months, I figured 3 days was not long to wait! (Plus, I had the rather nice “back up” of the “guarantee” if it didn’t work!)

Basically, this no-nonsense natural bacterial vaginosis treatment did exactly what it said. I began to notice a big change the next day and within 3 days, I didn’t smell horrible any more and the discharge had gone. I was back to feeling completely fresh and back to normal”

If you would like to see the exact natural bacterial vaginosis treatment which Clare used so successfully, you can get details of this and other helpful information about this condition by clicking on the link below.

bacterial vaginosis treatments

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I like the idea of a natural cure but was it considered that the boyfriend was most likely carrying it and giving it right back to her as men can be silent carriers -or show no symptoms while carrying the bacteria. Most doctors are divided on this issue however it seems like one huge factor in the reoccurrence not considered was the boyfriend that was never informed of this uncomfortable but very common problem. i would have treated the boyfriend too. If you are intimate with someone then you should be able to have real intimacy and clue them in on what your going thru. This guy which she probably ended up going separate ways with has probably now carried this bacteria to some other unsuspecting girl... 
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