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Natural Aroma Beauty Interview and Giveaway

Posted Jan 19 2010 2:43am
It has been such a joy for me to meet some wonderful new people through the blogging community.  One of those people is Jan from Pure and Natural Aroma Beauty who I greatly admire for her passion in starting her own business producing entirely natural soaps infused with esential oils.  Jan's Aroma Beauty Soaps are divine - I've tried them.  Read on to learn more about Jan and her why she believes her products can make a positive difference to your mood, self esteem and attitude.  There's a giveaway of course!  I couldn't tempt you with all this talk of beatiful products without sharing some.

Hi Jan – You live in beautiful north Queensland. Tell me more about where you live and your family.  I live in the Northern Beaches of Mackay, a beautiful place. We have the hills behind us and the choice of four different beaches just minutes drive away. I share my home with my hubby of 22 years, our 2 sons, a beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog and 3 guinea pigs. I also have a daughter who is married with 3 littlies of her own and a Step-daughter who not long ago gave us another grandchild.

You have a business called ‘Pure and Natural Aroma Beauty.’ What was your inspiration to start Aroma Beauty?  I was surfing the net one day when I found some information about chemicals contained in our everyday personal care products. I was horrified by the serious health effects the use of these chemicals cause. I decided that I wasn’t going to expose my family to anymore of these dangerous additives. At that point I found it very hard to find any all natural soaps and the ones I found were $10 a bar plus postage, so it made sense to make my own. After making my first batch I was hooked. I’ve also been making my own skin care products with the intention of taking them public in the future.
I greatly admire that your business operates from a very ethical and giving perspective. Where do you think you get this sort of spirit from?  I have Christian beliefs so I think it comes from there. I think that if we’re in a position to be able to help others less fortunate than ourselves, then it’s a good thing to do. I have occasional giveaways on my blog because I enjoy doing it, but my priority is giving 10% of all profits to charity. Just imagine if everyone who was able to help gave that extra 10%. The world would be a lot better off.

Beautiful You’ is a blog that focuses on real and inner beauty. Can you share with us what your number one beauty tip is? To smile. Have you ever noticed how a smile can make any face truly beautiful? I think we all need to smile more often. It not only helps us to feel better, but others as well.

Do you have a favourite soap? Why do you love it so much?  “Sunshine Exfoliating Bar” - I love having a shower at the end of a hard day, closing my eyes and breathing it in. I love its fragrance and it’s so relaxing. It contains Ylang Ylang which is calming for the nervous system and and is good for PMS, depression, irritability and panic attacks. It also contains Patchouli which eases anxiety, confusion and depression and Mandarin which is good for tension, over-excitement and insomnia. The combination of these Essential Oils makes it a great choice when you want to wind down at the end of the day.

Your soaps contain natural and essential oils which I know can uplift people’s moods and senses. Is there a particular soap you would recommend if someone needed a little boost?  You’re right about Essential Oil’s ability to uplift. Not only do they smell beautiful, but they are healing and help enhance the mind, body and spirit. They are a much healthier alternative to chemical synthetic fragrance oils which have been proven to cause numerous health concerns for some people. When you smell and enjoy the fragrance of an essential oil, tiny molecules enter the body via the nose and send messages to the brain to uplift the mind and spirit. If you are looking for a soap to give a boost, I’d suggest “Geisha Girl” as it revitalizes the body, enhances positivity and humour and helps regulate hormonal balances. It contains Jasmine which is emotionally warming and uplifting, easing depression, lack of confidence and emotional imbalance; Lemon which brings cheer and strength, easing anxiety, confusion and depression; Sweet Orange which is refreshing and cheering to the mind and is used for stress relief and for alertness; Grapefruit which is spiritually uplifting, so is invaluable in times of stress and Geranium which acts as a tonic to the nervous system.

Thanks Jan for being such a great interview subject.  Jan has kindly given me this box of four of her soaps packaged in this gorgeous box to give away to a reader.

To be eligible to win these soaps you need to be a follower of Beautiful You and leave me a comment telling me what natural beauty means to you by Friday January 29th.  This giveaway is only open to Aussie residents as the box is quite heavy to post!  Jan has kindly offered a further discount to Beautiful You readers as well.  Order 6 normal sized Aroma Beauty bars and receive a free 'Bubble and Squeak' soap until January 29th.  Don't forget to check out Jan's blog too where you can learn more about the power of essential oils and Jan's healing soaps. 
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