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Napping Tips

Posted Mar 16 2009 12:00am
Monday, March 9th was National Napping Day!

In order to celebrate, UC San Diego held its first annual Nap-In. If you would like to learn more about the healthy power of napping, you can listen to Sara Mednick's presentation or watch the videocast. Click here for more information

Napping restores alertness, memory and mood in young adults.

Avoid post-nap grogginess by taking shorter naps (20 minutes or less). Even short naps increase alertness and productivity.

Decrease caffeine consumption to one cup of coffee, tea or soda a day, preferably in the morning, and at least four hours before naptime or nighttime sleep. Studies show naps improve memory consolidation better than caffeine.

Use earplugs to block out the noisy world around you.

Sleep is light-phobic, so use eye masks or draw the curtains to block out the sunlight light.

Use your cell phone alarm clock to wake you for your next appointment. Set it to vibrate, so it wakes you up with a gentle shake and doesn’t disturb anyone else in the room.

Nap before you work-out, take a long drive, perform on the field or on the stage, or go to a party. You’ll have more energy, be safer, and get more out of an event if you are awake and alert.

Nap at different times for different reason: In the morning, for a boost in creativity and perceptual skills; in the later afternoon, for restorative, muscle and bone growth; and between 1-3PM, for all around benefits.
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