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Nap Time = P90X Time

Posted Jan 10 2011 5:46pm

As was easy to see from the photos in yesterday’s post, the home gym is miles away from being done.  But, I've realized that I need to find some way of accomplishing some at-home exercise in the meantime. 

Back at the start of my second pregnancy, I toyed with P90X a little bit and used some of the workouts as a means of staying fit while pregnant.  I had to modify A LOT as there were lots of the exercises that just weren’t compatible with a big round preggo belly.  Now that big round belly is gone (replaced by a nice wrinkly deflated one instead) so perhaps its a good time to pick up where I left off and start the P90X workouts again.

Sure they’re not the most exciting workouts in the world, but they ARE friggin’ hard and they DO produce real results.  Heck, if a big ol’ pregnant me can develop some guns (well, BB guns at least!) then un-pregnant me should be able to see some results as well.  And, the beauty of it all is that I can work on those guns right here in the comfort of my own family room.  And considering that my husband FINALLY put some soft underlay under our area rug, ‘comfort’ is much more realistic nowadays!

So when might I accomplish this fitness feat?  Well, seeing as Marcus is at the age where the entire house is his toybox, I figure it will be much easier to stay focused (and less likely that the DVD player will be abruptly stopped by little roaming fingers) if I do the workouts during Marcus’ nap time.  Sigh…his nap time used to be my nap time.  However, maybe if I’m getting some regular exercise and feeling a bit better physically, I might not NEED that nap time for myself quite so much, right?

Today’s nap time was the start of my foray into P90X again and it was Chest & Back and Abs day.  Or in other words, “Welcome to push up hell!”  Yep, it was a hard one.  I’ve never been good at push ups and I’m certainly not good at them these days.  They were soooo hard, but I stuck with it and found a way to do all the different types of push ups in my own piddly way.  I have to remember that things always start out slow and hard but that’s the great part of tracking your progress.  Even if your nose doesn’t touch the ground on every push up, just getting a whiff of the carpet is progress when you can hardly do a push up at the start.

I haven’t taken starting photos yet, but will get my husband to help me with that tonight.  It’s pretty neat to see how much different your rolls and wrinkles look after even just the first month of P90X.  Tomorrow is Plyometrics, which is really just a fancy way of saying ‘jumping around’.  Again, how can something so simple be sooo hard?  Hmph, I guess that’s why it works.

In other news, I had great fun watching/tracking everyone who was at Walt Disney World this past weekend competing in the half marathon, full marathon and goofy challenges.  Congratulations to everyone who completed a race!  It really got me realizing how much I’d love to travel for a race sometime this year.  I’m not exactly goofy material, but I’m sure I can find something I can handle.  Thanks for the inspiration!

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