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namas-day: my morning yoga sequence

Posted Feb 25 2013 9:54am

Some mornings (warm ones, anyway) I like to lace up my running shoes and hit the pavement.

Other days, when I'm feeling energetic, I'll hit the gym and do a strength workout.

Sometimes, I'll sleep in :)...

...and when the world is weighing heavy on me, I get on my mat!

Here's my favorite basic morning sequence. It builds heat, works your whole body, and gets you nice and stretched out for a tough day. I usually use it as the meat of my practice, and tack on whatever else I'm working on -- be it headstand, crow, or wheel -- onto the end. This isn't a full sequence in that it doesn't involve backbends or inversions, so if you feel the need to include those in your practice, feel free. It's ideal for a 20-30 minute peaceful yet invigorating workout to start your morning.

(And even better, you get to see Jake's cuteness in action!)

How did you like this video? Would you like to see more of them (on yoga or other topics)? Let me know in the comments!

I'm not a certified yoga instructor, so I'm just sharing this sequence for general knowledge. My asana is far from perfect! If you have any questions about your form or safety in any pose, ask a professional, or at the very least consult an online resource.

The exercise instructions and advice presented are designed for people who are in good health and physically fit. They are not intended to substitute for medical counseling. I disclaim any liability for loss or injury in connection with the exercises shown, or the instruction and advice created or expressed herein.
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