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My Yoga Mat Can Fly!

Posted Aug 29 2012 2:56am
Well, not really. But it came pretty dang close to going out the window yesterday. I waited until later in the afternoon to decide whether I was going to get up and move my body a little. Since my little guy was rather fussy for most of the day, I decided that it was best for me to stretch it out and try and get a little yoga back into my life.

I went and grabbed my yoga mat, which always gets stuck to the mesh carrying bag. This part just sets me off all the time! I can't stand how the material sticks to the bag, it drive me NUTS! So in between running to pop a pacifier back in his mouth and fighting with my mesh yoga bag, I was able to set up the App that I purchased in the Mac Store. It is a guided yoga practice that at one point was beginning to get comfortably easy.

I paused the app because I noticed the cat box needed some cleaning. Oh and then I needed to sweep the floor where I was going to lay out my yoga mat. Now some would call these minor tasks a distraction, however, I leave these things to the last minute- which just so happen to be the minute I decided I was going to do yoga.

With my little guy going in and out of napping I placed him in his portable bassinet and laid out my yoga mat on my nicely swept floor. The serene music began and I closed my eyes while I concentrated on bringing some peace and harmony in my life. At first Mountain Pose was a pleasure. Heck- all I really had to do was stand there. Then came the bending part!

I don't know if it was more traumatizing for me to realize I can barely bend over anymore, or for my son who had to see my fat ass up in the air?! Regardless, I pushed a little further each time. Then came for the floor poses that required a few lunges and table poses. Ok. Not my finer moment, but I got through it.

My son was whimpering a little in between my poses and eventually I had to get creative. That's right! I stood lunged with my right knee bent and my left leg extended to the back. And with that left leg, I rocked the bassinet with my foot!

Honestly, I think I should be inventing some type of yoga fitness routine that incorporates children and keeping them quiet. My mothering and yoga skilled were just taken to a whole new level. The whole time I was thinking, "Hey, I wonder if I can grab my camera to take a shot of this for The Get Fit Mom"? There I go again, multi-tasking like it's my job! Yoga poses, caring for baby, watching the next sequence on the yoga slides, already utilizing my hands to brace myself, and now taking a picture?!
Seriously? Where are my freaking priorities?

I'm thinking I am going to need to figure out a more structured and conceivable time to exercise. Or I can do as the rich and famous do and hire a nanny and a personal trainer.
Yea, but it wouldn't be the same to see someone else fight with my yoga bag...

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