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My Wife Is a Messy House Keeper

Posted Oct 13 2009 10:05pm

I talked to a man who found a mental fitness solution for living with a messy housekeeping wife. I am sure that many men and women have had similar complaints about their spouses. Read on to find out about his solution.

For 45 years of marriage, he had the same complaint.  This complaint was driving him to the point of divorce.  With a very distressed and strong voice, he stated " my wife is a messy house keeper"!

His wife has confined her messiness to her bedroom, where she stays most of the time.  He still is not satisfied.  He feels that his wife has challenged his role as head of the home.  He feels rejected and  unimportant.

We had talked about the necessity of changing how he thinks in order to change how he feels and improve the relationship with his wife.

When we met again, he surprised me with his new thoughts.  Happily, he told me what happened.  He had walked into his wife's messy room and looked around.  He saw the dirty dishes and disheveled room.  He does not know how or why the new thoughts came.  Nevertheless, he really liked the relaxing thoughts.

He discovered these thoughts.  " My wife is comfortable living this way.   I'll be comfortable with her living this way, because I love her."

This new thought changed how he feels about his wife!  He is accepting of his wife's differences and is not feeling rejected.  He was not feeling that his wife is sabotaging his role in the family.

This man's new thoughts have changed his feelings and can significantly improve his relationship with his wife.  This man reminded me of the importance of accepting differences in relationships with significant others.  I reminded him of the importance of continuing to think about his wife with his new thoughts.

Remember, We Live within the Relationships Created by Our Thinking!

Dr. Hal

Life and Mental Fitness Coach

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