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My Weight Maintenance Plan

Posted Mar 08 2011 10:26pm



Sometimes I miss the obvious.

I’m going to have the thank the 9 people who emailed me and asked my if I would be kind enough to write this post about weight maintenance.

I feel really fresh with my weight loss. Like a new car that you’re still washing and waxing all the time. Not letting anyone even think about having take out in there or even a beverage. It’s new but I’m getting to the point that I can drive that car in the rain and let people maybe have a water in the cup holder. I’m used to seeing it in the driveway but the thrill is still there, that it really is MINE.

I walk a fine line of not taking my body or my maintenance for granted but at the same time searching for ways to live a comfy, well balanced life.

Health and fitness are what I choose to wrap my life around, the pillar, but they are not my everything. They do however, make everything better.

So here’s my (much longer) answer to the two questions I asked of the successful weight loss maintainers :

Question 1: What habit or skill do you have, or mantra do you say on a regular basis, that is instrumental in your ability to maintain your loss and your healthy lifestyle?

Question 2: What area of maintenance do you struggle with most? How have you adjusted your behaviour to manage and overcome this struggle?

Q1: Habits create routines which ultimately dictate our success. My life is entirely different therefore, this is a long list:

Q2: My struggles are fewer and farther between now. Five months ago I would be screaming FOOOD from the nearest rooftop in answer to that. But in the last few months I have found a peace with food that I did not believe existed. My weight has been maintained through stress, emotional upheavals, bad days, good days and training days. It’s amazing to me even as I write this, and even more so as I live it. It all seems so ordinary and amazing, simultaneously.

Oh yes, and guest posting fabulousness at Healthy Living Blogs: What I wish I knew my first week of blogging. Go check it out! Have a great weekend.

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