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My trip to India

Posted Jun 18 2010 8:55am

I kid, I kid…

Annnd I’m back. It has been a whirlwind of a week. I ate out every night so far, doing as many meet ups with my friends as possible. My google reader is going to explode due to my new social life. I’m still catching up and am preparing for even more craziness to take over my life next week. I have three really big meetings next Thursday at the GeDub. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

One of my nights out was for my first Indian food experience. One of my BFFs from college (or BPFLs as we like to say) is originally for India. She was going to cook for us, but decided that her skills could not match that of a professional chef. We went out in a suburb of Philly and had an amazing meal. I was a little bit nervous about my stomachs ability to tolerate the spiciness but the food was so balanced it didn’t taste spicy at all. I am officially obsessed with Channa Masala.

Our meal began with a crispy flat bread that packed some serious spice. It was served with a cilantro and plum sauce. This stuff was kind of addicting… and would make an amazing cheese sandwich. Just sayin’.

And speaking of cheese, we ordered Paneer Tikka as an appetizer. My roommate has raved over this cottage cheese dish. I had no idea what to expected other than cheese (my favorite food) on a skillet, fajita style.

This is probably the only way I will ever want to eat cottage cheese again. It was pan fried with tandoor masala and served with onions, green peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and jalapenos. Holy amazingness. The cheese was warm and gooey but had a texture more like tofu. And that tandoor sauce… it stole my heart. I would have been happy just eating this as my meal. It was incredible.

I have to insert a quick story about how much the three of us love cheese. Once upon a time during senior year, we were all forced to take this horrid statistics class, which was more like computer programing. During finals, Trish and I packed up enough food to feed a small family and hunkered down in the library for literally 10 hours straight. Trish had the ingenious idea to bring an entire wheel of brie. So here we are, three girls, chillin’ in the library, frantically typing code into R, trying to create graphs with meaning, digging into a brie wheel. Classic.

Continuing on to our entrees. What would Indian food be without a little butter naan?

I insisted upon ordering Channa Masala to get my fill of chickpeas.

It did not disappoint. I’ll never look at the frozen version from Trader Joe’s the same way. This dish was surprisingly sweet (which we think was due to the fact that white girls were eating it). But I loved it none the less.

I also demanded that we order a veggie dish. Actually, our entire meal was vegetarian. But we know how I feel about my veg.

My biffle CC took a guess on what to order and we ended up with Vege Jalfeezi, mixed veg cooked in a red sauce. It wasn’t curry, it wasn’t masala… I don’t know what the sauce it but it was darn good. The mix included zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli, green pepper, onions and carrot.

We also order something that was described to me as a potato dumpling (insert image of China… where there were not potatoes other than fries).

I’m still not sure what was in those dumplings but it reminded me of a stuffed grape leaf and was served with a rich cream sauce. This sauce was definitely the best with the naan. But we only got three of the potato things.

My first helping. Followed by many, many more. That naan… be still my heart.

Myself and my favorite Indian. Happily stuffed. (Ignore me, I look gross from working 9 hours.)

CC and Trish and a table of food that we destroyed.

I love my friends, and Indian food, and not having to cook.

Have you ever had Indian? Do you have a favorite dish? Do you prefer Thai or Indian curries?

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