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My top eco-friendly product tips

Posted Jun 05 2013 10:10pm
By Alison Morgan – the Relauncher.


I’m a big advocate of using environmentally friendly products where I possibly can.
It was with this in mind when I source products for my online store at Relauncher.

Here are my top eco-friendly and ecologically sustainable alternatives to
help reduce your carbon footprint and step a little lighter on this earth.

- The most sustainable cleaning product on the market.
They are all-natural and plant-based, also known as Mother Nature’s Soap.

- Incredibly versatile and can be used in the washing machine (this is how I use them),
dishwasher, hand wash, pet wash, plus so much more.
Read more about them here … And yes ~ they do work (big time!).


- Stainless steel drink bottles and cups are durable, reusable and don’t contain toxic chemicals.

- Even when left in the sun, there are no harmful toxins that will leech into the water

- The water tastes cleaner and fresher

- Better for the environment and your health

- EcoStore focus on producing products which are not harmful to the environment and our health.

- They use sustainably-sourced plant & mineral based ingredients and carry out
independent environmental testing to ensure products are suitable for septic tanks & greywater systems

There are so many uses for plastic bottles.  Did you know they can be recycled to make cushions?
These meditation cushions  each prevent 85 plastic bottles from going to landfill… I find this simply incredible!


This is another type of product to keep an eye out for when it comes to
environmentally friendly products. The amount of sponges and brushes we go through
– it’s an easy way to look after our environment.
Select products which you can dispose of in your garden or yard when they no longer are effective,
or getting old.  Also, look out for products which are non-toxic too.
Here’s an eco friendly kitchen scrubber I like to use .

- I’m a big believer in using reusable bags.  When going to the markets,
I take my market trolley, along with a  Market bag . They are inexpensive,
lined in case of spillages and last for such a long time.

- I also love to use  produce bags .
You can take them with you shopping and pile your fruit & veg into the different sized bags.
This limits the plastic bags, and also allows for easy unpacking when you get home.
There’s also a longer shelf life for your produce when using these bags too.
A big win-win situation all round!


Not only do we need to preserve it for ourselves,
but for our children and grandchildren– as well as the generations to come.
Start now, and start with your home and the everyday things you use!

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